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beer glasses by beer color

It’s just plain easier to pass out beer bottles to the crew, and there are times when it’s more economical to serve beer in plastic cups – or perhaps you have a good reason (beer pong anyone?) but for a true beer connoisseur it has to be beer in a glass. Nothing else will do . . . and make sure its in the correct glass please.

Here are the reasons why you should drink beer in a glass:


In a nutshell:

  1. When you drink from a beer bottle you rob yourself of the true aroma of the beer – and when 70% of taste relies on our sense of smell – you’re also robbing yourself from the taste of the brew.
  2. Beer glasses allow a “head” of foam to form and the carbonation assists with the sense of smell (and taste – see item 1) as well as the “mouth feel.”
  3. When we can see the clarity, color and carbonation of the beer it enhances our enjoyment.

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