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easter egg hunt

Burnt out before the multi-colored foil Easter eggs even show up in the stores?   Low on cash this holiday season?   Looking for something different to do for your Easter Egg Hunt this year? Here are some ideas on how to have fun with your kids in an easy, DIY way that is still egg-citing for them.

#1: Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

    boy at easter egg hunt

  • If holding the Easter Egg Hunt outdoors, cordon off a separate area with streamers or “Easter Egg Hunt” Caution Tape. This makes the hunting zone clear in the children’s mind and keeps older kids from spying eggs before it’s time.
  • If you buy small pastel solid colored gift bags from the dollar store you can have the children decorate the bags and write their names on them so they’ll know whose eggs are whose.  It also gives them something to do while they wait for other guests to arrive if the party is for more than just your own children.  Have stickers on hand for younger children and those who aren’t interested in drawing and coloring.  Another alternative for older kids is a easter basket printable for them to make. (It’s free!)
  • If you have a group of children with mixed ages, to make the egg hunt fair hide different colored foil eggs or put toys in different colored plastic eggs, one color for each age group. This way you can hide eggs for the younger children in a more obvious spot and the older children know to leave it. Another alternative is to have separate hunting areas for younger children and older children.
  • One problem with Easter Egg Hunts is that kids of the same age will still have some kids who are better or faster at finding eggs than others. This usually ends in tears! An answer to that problem is to tell the kids to find a certain number of eggs and then show you their basket to win another prize. Give them their little prize and then have a craft project or food ready to keep them busy while the other children are still hunting for their eggs. They need to be occupied or they’ll return to the hunt area to “help” the stragglers who don’t usually appreciate the assistance. This usually results in – you guessed it – tears.
  • Here are some free printable coloring pages for younger children (Easter Egg & Bunny) & a printable word search puzzle for older kids. This fun Easter Egg Hunt Directional Sign let’s them know whose area is whose.

#2: Make a Foiled Egg Trail to Bigger Prize

foil eggs

If your children are young but know their colors, this is a fun – and tasty – way for them to find their Easter present.

  • Separate the foil covered chocolate Easter eggs into piles by color. There should be a different color for each child.
  • Set one egg from each color aside to give to them so they are 100% sure which color is theirs – and they have a reference if necessary.
  • Make a line of eggs one child step apart at a time that criss crosses other lines, goes over and under obstacles, and eventually leads to where their Easter present is hidden.

#3: Make a Clue Trail

You can make a clue trail where they figure out the answer to one clue in order to know where to find the next clue.

easter bunny footprints to basket

  • If you feel creative you can make little rhymes to tell them where to find the next clue.
  • For little children you can take a photo of where the clue is so they’ll know where to go. Just print it off and hide it. It is so cute to put a small present in each hiding place – like a little stuffed bunny in a flower pot or a colored egg beside the fish bowl – take a photo of each one and make a trail. When they find the little gift they also find the next clue.
  • Toddlers also love to follow Easter Bunny footprints to the basket. Make each footprint spaced out the same length as their stride, go around corners and over chairs to make it more fun.
  • For early readers put one word on each clue for them to sound out and go to find the next clue. They’ll be so proud of themselves!
  • When our kids were in high school we made a clue trail for them. We cashed in our Air Miles for restaurant gift certificates and free movie coupons to hide in each spot. Each clue was a “remember when” for an event that happened in their childhood. When they remembered where that event took place in the house they knew where to find the next clue. They were so excited about the gift certificates and they’ve always loved the “tell me about me” times! Never consider your kids too old for an Easter hunt.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Clues printable game

  • One year when I was ill I used printed clues that I purchased. The answers were generic enough to suit any house, and I bought a different style of clue for each of them by age. All I had to do was cut out the clues, put them where they were supposed to go and put one big gift at the end. They had fun and I felt glad to be able to still have an Easter party for them.
  • Another easy alternative is to play “Hot” or “cold”. If they move physically closer to where they can find a clue or a prize you tell them they’re getting warmer. If they are close enough to touch it, they’re hot, if they move away from the item they’re getting colder.
  • My boys in particular loved a “treasure map” showing where in the house they could find different little gifts. This is a great way to keep competitive siblings from finding each other’s gifts.

#4: Make a Ribbon Trail

ribbonUse a roll of colored ribbon in a different color for each child.  (You could also use different colored yarn or streamers that you have on hand, but shiny curling ribbon is more festive and reasonably priced at dollar stores.)  

Tie one end of the ribbon to your starting point and weave the ribbon over, under, through, up, down and all around the house.  

Make sure the different colors cross paths in several places too.  

At the end of the trail you can have one prize or a basket of small prizes.


I hope these tips help make it easier – and more interesting – for you to continue your Easter Egg Hunt tradition this year.


Over to You

What kind of Easter Egg Hunt do your kids love best? Tell us in the comments.

How much time, energy and resources do you have this Easter? Plan an easter egg hunt for your kids that suits your needs - we have four suggestions for you. 1

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