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officially autumn

#1: Bring Out the Warm Clothing

pack summer clothes get out winter clothes

Out with Summer Wardrobe

Now is the time to wash, fold and put away all the shorts and summer clothes that won’t be worn again until next year. If your child won’t be the same size next year – and you’re not planning a tropical vacation this winter – give them to your favorite thrift shop and help someone in need. Or . . . save them for a clothing party next summer. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Keep reading!)

In with Winter Wardrobe

Pull out all your favorite sweaters, leggings, toques, gloves and scarves. We put our toques, mitts, gloves and scarves in a basket right beside the kitchen door so everyone can easily grab them on the way out. (Or so I can easily answer the “Mom – where’s my?” questions!)

Don’t have any sweaters that still fit? Tired of last year’s wardrobe? Time to party! That’s right. Plan a clothing party.

gorgeous sweater party

My daughter is a hair stylist, and at the salon where she works all the girls are about the same age and roughly the same size. Every once in awhile – around the change of seasons is best – they have a clothing party. It is much like a Chinese Auction but more fun. For more information, see our article on the Gorgeous Sweater Party.

#2: Bring Out the Blankets
blanket for outside useNow is the time to dig out all the blankets and make them accessible – before spouses and kids are freezing and begin digging through the linen closet leaving a trail of discarded sheets and pillowcases back to their comfy chair.If you only have 1 or 2 blankets, you can artistically drape them over the arm of the couch or chair. It you’re like my family and everybody has their own blanket to cosy up in, roll them and stuff them in a big basket where they’ll be at hand.

Don’t forget the quilt for outdoor use too! I love going out on the back deck with my morning coffee to listen to the birds sing. Mornings can be pretty chilly here, so even with my fall jacket, toque and wool gloves it can be too cold for comfort. Wrapping up in my grandmother’s quilt makes it a cherished moment.

#3: Bring Out Fall Decor
autumn decorations

autumn table decorationDig out all your fall wreaths, corn stalks and faux apples, pumpkins and autumn leaves.

Arrange them where they worked well last year, and try some things in a new spot to give it a fresh appearance.

(This is the time to take note of any new spaces and surfaces that you can add this year’s additions to your fall decor collection. . .)

#4: Bring Out the Fall Scents

fall or autumn candles

It isn’t officially autumn without the scent of the Harvest candle by Yankee Candle! Restock your autumn candles and potpourri.

Autumn scents include pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, spice cake, musk and pomegranate. I love to use Autumn Candle TartsA checklist for the passionate homemaker to get ready for fall with the scents, decorations & yes, work but a great party idea that makes life easier. 1 in my Electric Potpourri Simmer PotA checklist for the passionate homemaker to get ready for fall with the scents, decorations & yes, work but a great party idea that makes life easier. 1 to have the scents of the season throughout the house.

#5: Bring Out the Chrysanthemums


Time to hit the flower market for some mums before they’re all sold out. Chrysanthemums are the official flower of fall and are very hardy but do need to be brought in the house when there’s a chance of frost overnight which makes potted mums the best choice of fall flowers.

Most groceries stores, home improvement and department stores have them at a reasonable price. Want to make sure they thrive? My secret is to add a little Miracle-Gro Shake’n FeedA checklist for the passionate homemaker to get ready for fall with the scents, decorations & yes, work but a great party idea that makes life easier. 3 to the container when I get it home. I find that potted plants last longer and blooms are more colorful.

#6: Bring Out the Rakes & Fall Weather Equipment
autumn rakeYes, I’m sorry. I said it.We moved through all the fun stuff like decorating to the work.

You will need to rake leaves at some point and its so much easier to talk yourself – or someone else – into raking leaves if you know exactly where everything is. Find your rakes and make sure they’re in good shape and put them somewhere totally accessible. Buy some clear leaf bags and put them with the rakes.

Dare I say: look for your snow shovels and windshield snow/ice scrapers and have them at the ready too? When you need them is not the time you want to be digging through the garage or storage shed to look for them. Trust me. Been there, done that, learned my lesson.

#7: Bring Out the Fall Recipes

fall baking

Snuggle up in one of those blankets you dug out, grab a pumpkin spice tea or latte and rummage through your recipe books to plan which fall recipes you’d like to make this year. Make a grocery list of items you need to stock up so you can bake when the urge hits.

You probably haven’t used your crock pot all summer, so get it out and test it to make sure it’s in working condition and give it a good cleaning to reassure it that it is wanted. A crockpot is one of those household items that should be used every day in the fall and winter – if it’s not full of soup or a steaming-good dinner, it could have apple cider or apple juice with cinnamon sticks in it or hot cocoa at the ready. Not only is it a great “welcome home” to every family member, it makes a house smell like a home.

I hope these ideas inspire you to get ready – and to enjoy – the autumn season. It is upon us.

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