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baby by christmas tree

Many moms have a dilemna when their baby can now walk and wants to touch everything – especially the christmas tree with all the bling and lights. Here are several different ways my friends and I solved the problem of Christmas tree safety.

unbreakable christmas tree decorationsWhen my daughter was born there were 5 of us who had babies at the same time. We all felt that we didn’t want to spend our time chasing our little ones away from the tree and all came up with different solutions:

  • One family went the “no-brainer” route and bought all plastic, unbreakable ornaments for their tree.
  • Another family who were going to the grandparent’s house for Christmas holidays decided to forgo the tree altogether and wait until there was a whole community of adults to help whisk the baby away from danger.
  • One family decorated their tree as usual – inside the playpen! It acted as a fence around the tree so toddlers could lean against it for security when standing but not be able to touch.
  • One family chose a table top tree that was too high for baby to reach. Presents under the tree were also too high to be ripped open.
  • We decided to have edible Christmas decorations such as apples on ribbons, gingerbread cookies and strings of popcorn and cranberries. Both our daughter and our dog were excited with this decision! You could tell how high they both could reach. . .

stringing popcorn and cranberries

The great thing about edible Christmas tree decorations is that you can stand the tree up outside when the season is over and the birds love the strings of popcorn too. It’s win/win. (Please don’t put tinsel on the tree if you put out for the birds – or have pets.)

heavy boxes create a fence around the christmas treeOne of my favorite blogs is Love From the Oven where Christi shared her solution to the problem.

She filled several large boxes with heavy items, wrapped them to look like presents and made them a “fence” around the Christmas tree.

What a fantastic idea. Kudos Christi!

cat at christmas tree

We always secure the tree by tying the treetop to the wall or windowsill so it won’t tip over from interested pets or kids of any age inspecting it.

I hope these suggestions help take some of the worry out of baby’s first Christmas because there is nothing like it.

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