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Surprise your guests with backwards food or eating the meal backwards with dessert first. Here are the recipes we used at our party. They were a big hit!

Backwards Day Food: Main Course Ideas

Meatloaf Cupcake
meatloaf cupcake
Here is a fun meal for Backwards Day – meatloaf cupcakes!

Just cook your usual meatloaf mixture in your muffin pan for 20 minutes. When it’s cooled top with Mashed Potatoes to look like icing and a dab of catsup or cherry tomato for a cherry on top.  

This is the perfect beginning to a backwards meal because it makes it look like you’re having dessert first.  Don’t say a word – just wait for their reaction when the figure it out for themselves!

(Here’s another little secret: my kids love, love, love meatloaf cupcakes all year round and I love them as a fast and easy meal.)

Backwards Birthday Cake

burger birthday cake 2

If you light the candles on this baby they’ll truly expect it to be cake!

This is oh-so-easy to make: just grill 2 hamburger patties, prepare either real or ready-to-use mashed potatoes, and cook some frozen mixed vegetables. Place first burger on a plate, top with veggies then place remaining burger over them. Now frost your layer “cake” with mashed potatoes.

Backwards Sandwiches

backwards sandwiches 2

Inside Out Sandwiches have the bread in the center! We used Tre Stelle cheddar cheese slices (real cheese as opposed to processed slices) on the outside to be firm enough to hold it all together – one on the top, one on the bottom.

Then we cut a slice of bologna in half and put each piece on a slice of cheese.

We cut the crust off a slice of bread to make it a rectangular shape and put it in the center of the two bologna/cheese pairings. We then sliced the sandwich diagonally to make munchable triangles.

Inside Out Hot Dogs

inside out hotdog

To make the hot dog look inside out:

  1. Cut a frankfurter in half lengthwise.
  2. Then cut top sliced hot dog buns in half lengthwise.
  3. Spread both sides of a bun piece with Cheez Whiz.
  4. Place a half frankfurter on each side of the bun using the Cheez Whiz as the “glue” that holds it all together.

Backwards Day Food: Dessert Ideas

{Easy Breezy Dessert} Upside Down Cupcake
upside down cupcake

Looking for something easy for dessert? The upside down cupcake is oh-so-easy and the kids LOVE them!

Take something ordinary, give it a twist and the kids love it.

Just take a regular cupcake, put it icing down on a plate, stick your cupcake topper and/or candles in the top and call it a backwards day cupcake.

(Those really tall, thin, twisty red candles look great but sadly I couldn’t find any.)

{Amazing} TV Dinner Cupcakes
drumstick TV dinner cupcakes

These cupcakes are so much fun for dessert and make the day extra memorable.

They are very easy to make but look like you’ve worked oh-so-hard. See our article with step by step instructions and ingredients list.

Want More?

See all of our Backwards Party ideas for kids or adults.

Keep it simple by serving your meal backwards with dessert first – they’ll love it – or really play with their heads with this fun backwards food!

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