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Try one or all of these Backwards party decorations to get everyone feeling . . . backwards.

TP the Party Room!

Toilet paper is the opposite of pretty streamers . . .

When the guest arrive give them a roll of toilet paper and let them go at it.

It makes for an unforgettable experience – and usually ends up being the favorite party of the party. Go figure!

We removed all the chairs and ran a string across the room along each side of the table to give the paper something extra to catch on and create a little cave under the table with all the falling strips.

(Because you must eat under the table on backwards day as you see next.)


Eat Under the Table on Backwards Day

eating under the table
If you didn’t TP the party room put a big table cloth, blanket or similar item on the table so it hangs down to create a little cave under the table.

We hung clear icicle lights and swags of red twinkle lights around the perimeter of the table to add to the party atmosphere. (We used painters tape to attach them on the underside of the table. Easy removal!)

We put pillows underneath for the kids to sit on, but you could also set placemats for each place setting, depending on the age of the kids at the party.

Backwards Balloons

1. Litter the floor with balloons instead of them hugging the ceiling
Kids love this because they can crawl through them to get under the table and kick them around. (Don’t kid yourself – adults have a blast kicking them around too!)

2. Hang balloons upside down from the ceiling
Attach the ribbons or strings on air-filled balloons (as opposed to helium-filled) to the ceiling and let them hang down so they look upside down.

3. Use custom printed balloons
In our shoppe we have customized Backwards Day balloons. These 18″ mylar balloons are a great for decorating the buffet table, the birthday boy or girl’s chair or at the entrance so everyone knows which house is hosting the party.

They also make great party favors for the kids to take home because mylar balloons tend to float longer that latex balloons.

customized backwards day mylar balloon

See how the bottom part of the balloon is empty?

  • Use a Sharpie to write each guest’s name and tie the balloon to their chair as a place setting name tag.
  • Mylar balloons make great keepsakes that can even be blown up and used again. (My kids have kept balloons from Disneyworld, circuses and even McDonalds in their keepsake boxes.) Ask guests to sign the balloon – backwards of course – as a keepsake for the birthday boy or girl or for the hostess.

Customized Backwards Party Decorations

personalized Backwards Day party supplies

We have personalized Backwards Party Day Invitations and party supplies in our shoppe: t-shirts for baby, toddler, kids, men & women, drinking glasses, serving trays, mylar balloon, tote bag, canvas party favor bag, customizable invitations, and much more.

Backwards Party Printables

These backwards party printables add to the festivity of your wild & wacky backwards day!

backwards day printable package

Backwards Party Printables Package includes:
  • Banner with letters to read: Happy Backwards Day or Happy Backwards Birthday or Happy Birthday
  • Cupcake Toppers: 2 designs – I Love Backwards Day, Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party
  • Cupcake wrapper: red with white polka dots
  • Welcome Sign
  • It’s Backwards Day Walkway Signs: 3 designs – Goodbye, Are you walking backwards?, What’s your name spelled backwards?
  • Popcorn Box: red with white polka dots
  • Bottle Labels: 2 designs – I Love Backwards Day, Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party
  • Party Favor Bag Topper: Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party Prize
  • Fill-in Invitation
  • Party Hat: red with white polka dots

For more information on how printables work and photos of items used at our party see our printables page.

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I hope you found some backwards inspiration!

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