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Backwards Party Ideas

A Backwards Party is a great idea for:

  • Backwards Day celebration on January 31st
  • A backwards birthday party theme
  • A backwards play day theme
  • An April Fools Day party
  • A non-scary Halloween party theme
  • Celebrate Daylight Savings Time day in the autumn when clocks go back
Retro TV Dinner Cupcakes

Kids Backwards Party Ideas

Read about our kids backwards party ideas:

  • Wearing clothes backwards
  • TP the party area
  • Falling Bubbles
  • Making Backwards Cookies
  • Backwards Treasure Hunt
  • Opposite Simon Says
  • Opposite Hide and Seek
  • Replace the Flag Game
  • Backwards Races
  • Palindromes
  • Backwards Stories u0026amp; Poems
  • Backward Party Decorations
  • Backward Party Food Ideas
  • Backwards Party Invitations
Great ideas for a kids backwards party including invitations, food, games and backwards decorations.

Adult Backwards Party Ideas

Read about our adult backwards party ideas:

  • Backwards Fashion Show
  • Backwards Names
  • Opposite Charades
  • Crazy Limbo
  • Replace the Flag Game
  • Backwards Themed Movies
  • Backwards Party Decorations
Adult backwards party idea like a backwards fashion show

Backwards Party Food u0026amp; Recipes

Meatloaf Cupcake

Entree that looks like a dessert

Spaghetti u0026amp; Meatballs Sundae

Dessert that looks like the main course

TV Dinner Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated to look like food in an entree

A great themed party needs themed food and backwards party food is the most fun! You can serve dessert first – especially if its a dessert that looks like the main course.

See the recipes for the backwards food ideas above and all of our backwards party food ideas.

Backwards Party Printables


Check out our Backwards Party Printables. Available for either backwards day or a backwards birthday party.

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