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Which of these invitations best suits your budget and energy & time resources?

Practical: Backwards Party Invitation Cards

backwards party fill in invitation
The Backwards Party printable package includes the classic fill-in invitation.The fill-in invitation is the best kind if your child is having a backwards birthday party and is taking the invitations to school to invite all his classmates and friends. When his guests get home with them, jumping up and down in excitement shouting “Can I, can I” that mom wants to be able to glance quickly at the card, check the date and say yes or no right away.


customizable backwards party invitations
If you’re looking for a customized Backwards Party invitation, we have one available in our shoppe. Personalize the front of the card with your name, and customize the date and party information inside.They are printed and mailed to you with envelopes.

Single card
Package of 10 cards
Package of 20 cards

See our matching customizable Backwards Party supplies.


Exciting: Surprise Ball 3D Invitations

surprise ball invitation

For that special occasion – or if you’re a party maven who loves over-the-moon parties – I like to suggest an invitation that’s a little more exciting than just a card. For a backwards party a surprise ball is perfect! A surprise ball is a ball of crepe paper containing little prizes that the recipient receives as they unwind the ball. Since it’s backwards day, receiving the “party favors” at the beginning instead of the end makes so much sense!

As the invitee unwinds the crepe paper little gifts fall out of the ball until at the end they see the invitation to a party . . . the time and date . . . and then the host’s name.

See our Surprise Ball Tutorial for step by step instructions on how to make this invitation.

invitation ball step three
invitation ball step two

For more information see How to Make Party Invitations that Excite.

Want More?

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There has been a lot of talk in social media about no-shows at birthday parties. Don’t let that happen to you. Make an invitation that gets them so excited that they don’t even have a choice because they are so looking forward to what happens next!

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