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bacon platter

Ceramic Bacon Platter is available from for $19.95

Draw attention to your bacon with a novelty bacon platter. Each 10 1/4-inches long x 6-inches wide ceramic platter is large enough to hold a mighty mound of meat and features slightly sloping sides so that the grease will collect in the bottom.

When you love bacon no ordinary plate will do. You must serve it on the appropriate throne – thus The Bacon Platter. The Platter that actually looks like Bacon is the way to go.

The Bacon knows its where it’s always belonged and will prove to be more crunchy, juicy and flavorful. Everything that comes in contact with the Bacon Platter will appear more vibrant, fun, and desirable. (Sorry, this does not apply to humans unless they wear the Platter.)

Makes a great gift – and I know you’ll want one for yourself too.

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