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The Best Easy Recipes that Look Like You Spent All Day in the Kitchen

I like cooking but when its short & sweet. These amazing recipes are scrumptious but no nitty gritty details no one will notice. They are the best easy recipes. 1

I’m no Martha Stewart, and to be honest I don’t want to be. If there’s a fast, easy way to get something done that turns out just as good, that’s what I want to do. I like cooking, but let’s keep it short and sweet.

These recipes will give you the choices with how “hands on” you want to be, and you’ll still have the pride that you created something scrumptious yourself.

Recipes By Meal

Amazing Breakfast Recipes

We have the most amazing breakfast recipes and ideas to get your family to the breakfast table on time – or not. For those days we have healthy suggestions to eat on the go.

There’s lots of egg recipes, pancake recipes and everything in between for a healthy, happy start to your day or weekend bliss.

Recipes for Our Favorite Goodies u0026amp; Desserts

The Best Easy Cake Recipes

There are so many kinds of cake!

Some are great for an after-dinner sweetness to cleanse your palate.

Some are a comfort food when you’ve had a bad day.

Some cake recipes are so special that we have them during the holidays or milestone events.

Whatever kind of easy cake recipe you’re wanting, check our best cake recipes.

The Best Easy Cookie Recipes

If you love cookies, you’ll love these. They’re the best easy cookie recipes, perfect for an arriving-home snack, for the holidays, or to give as a gift.
There are old fashioned cookie recipes and some new creations that are pretty amazing. Try them all!

The Best Easy Cupcake Recipes

Who wants a boring cupcake? No one!

These cupcake recipes may be easy but they are also amazing.

They look great and taste scrumptious but – believe me – they are the best easy cupcake recipes around.

Amazing Easy Ice Cream Dessert Recipes

You will love these amazing easy ice cream dessert recipes all year round.

Some are beverages and others will blow the mind of your guests but all are easy.

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