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Best Gifts for Photographers: Things They’ll Love But Probably Don’t Already Own

Have an avid photographer on your gift list? Want to give them something they probably don’t already have & would love you forever to receive? Here is a list of best gifts for photographers with ideas that are adored by the photographers in our family, amateur and pro alike.

Best Camera Carrier: SpiderPro Holster

Tired of getting all caught up in your camera strap? Here’s a fantastic alternative.
Flexible Tripod with Bubble Level

Position heavy SLRs anywhere. Flexible leg joints rotate 360 degrees to wrap & hold camera to any surface. Capable of a full 360-degree pan & 90-degree tilt.
DSLR Camera Wristbands for Him or Her

Let everyone who passes know that you are a photographer with these cool DSLR camera wristbands. 3 Silicone Wristbands – Aperture, Focus, Focal Length.
What the Duck Books & Gear

What the Duck is a comic strip with a sarcastic photo-centric duck. Photographers relate to the satire of the strip. What the Duck books, t shirts, mugs and more.

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