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Retro Bacon T shirts for Everyone

Fun, retro stylin’ bacon t shirts from Retro Bettie.

All shirts are $25 +up, depending on color and style. Shirts available for him, for her, for kids in all designs. Mugs, hoodies and other merchandise also available.

Printed on demand by Cafepress.

Retro stylin' bacon t-shirts for him, for her, for kids. So cute, so funny. Bacon is the Duct Tape of Foods. Bacon & Eggs BFF. This Guy Loves Bacon & more. 1

this guy loves bacon shirt
This Guy Loves Bacon T shirt

Show the love with two thumbs up – pointing right at you.

bacon period shirt
Bacon Period Shirt

Bacon is the answer to all of life’s questions. Period.

bacon is the duct tape of foods t shirt
Bacon is the Duct Tape of Foods T shirt

Bacon holds anything together, even more bacon. Funny bacon shirt will get you lots of attention.

bacon and eggs bff shirt
Bacon and Eggs Best Friends Forever Shirt

Bacon and eggs just belong together. Forever.

*Please note that the links on this page are affiliate links and we will receive a small payment from the store if you make a purchase – for which we thank you.

My favorite one is the bacon duct tape shirt. It’s funny because it’s true!

The Bacon Button for Bacon Emergencies – You Know It Happens!

the bacon button

If you’re like me, the thought of Bacon creeps into your mind at least 1,000 times a day. You’ll be daydreaming in your cubicle, talking to a client on the phone or typing on your keyboard somewhere when all of a sudden it hits you. I need bacon.

Let those around you know about your bacon emergency by pushing the Bacon Button and you’ll have bacon headed your way in no time.

Has 6 sayings:

  • I Love Bacon
  • You’re Bacon Me Crazy
  • b-b-b-bacon
  • Oh this is lovely but I need more bacon
  • It’s fun to eat me some B-A-C-O-N

The Bacon Button is $12.95 at

Bacon Rub for Grilling with that Meat on Meat Flavor

bacon rubAll Natural Bacon Rub is $7.98 from

Use this delicious Bacon Rub to season and flavor your favorite dishes. It’s a dry rub with a deep Bacon essence.

It’s all natural, and uses a very unique blend of gourmet herbs, spices and granulated brown sugar for an unreal bacon-on-the-grill flavor.

It can be used to flavor almost any meal – even bacon itself!

Applewood Bacon Salt Because Everything Should Taste Like Bacon

applewood bacon salt
Applewood Bacon Salt
– $5.95 from

As if original Bacon wasn’t good enough, here’s a taste explosion in Applewood Bacon flavor. It’s sweet yet smoky and oh so delicious.

You’ll love to add it to pies, burgers, soufflés, salads, glazes, mashed potatoes, and pretty much everything else.

This one is vegetarian too.

2.5 oz.

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