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Who wants to let a tight budget dictate how we show our love to our special guy?

How can we give him a cheap Valentines Day gift that he’ll never forget?

Is that too much to ask?

romantic coupon book idea small

It IS Possible to Give Him a Gift He Loves – and You Can Afford

One year I gave my husband a book of romantic coupons as a gift. I have to tell you – he still thinks it was the best gift he’s ever received. Really, truly!

He enjoyed the loving attention and the ability to ask for that attention just by waving a coupon in my face – no words required.

You can easily make your own coupon book, or here’s one ready to print from Python Printable Games that includes a few fun ones and a few blank ones so you can easily fill it in, print it off and have pretty coupons, no fuss, no muss. Only $2.95!

book of love coupons

Printable Romantic Coupons for Valentine’s Day

Want To Spend More Than $3?

Pump up the fun factor by including items that go along with the coupons.

For instance, one of my coupons was for a bubble bath and a massage, so I included relaxing bubble bath, a huge bath sheet (because he was always complaining that our towels were too small), some massage oil and a massager.

(Massagers are available in any price range. I’ve seen the wooden massagers at the dollar store, and we have both the Hand Held Mini Massager1 and the Percussion Massager2 and love them both.)

massage oil for valentines day coupon
Women's Apron Sugar n' Spice3
We had small children at the time, which meant he had to eat a lot of food he wasn’t necessarily crazy about so I gave him a bottle of steak sauce with a coupon to make his favorite dinner.

If you want to tease him even more, include a flirty apron with the promise to wear only it while cooking his meal after all the little ones are tucked in bed.

These Coupons Are Precious – Guard Them Well

One time when he wanted to use the “get out of the dog house free” card he couldn’t find it. He was sure he kept them in his briefcase for “easy access” but couldn’t find the coupons. He thought they were so precious that someone stole them!

Do you think I let him cash it in without handing it to me? What would you do?

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