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Christmas tree-related fires are too often a sad part of holiday news coverage.

Here are some sobering statistics and Christmas tree safety tips:

christmas tree safety

When You Get Your Evergreen Home
  • After cutting down your tree, don’t let the cut surface of the trunk be exposed to air for more than 3-6 hours. The tree stays healthy longer and is safer for use in your home.
  • Trim 2″ off bottom of the trunk to remove the sappy seal.
  • Use warm water in tree base. You don’t need anything else but water.
  • Protect your tree from heat when setting it up. It will dry rapidly near a fireplace, heat register or sunny window.
  • Air is dry during the heating season. You may want to use a room humidifier. (There is static electricity in the air if its dry.)
How You Decorate Your Tree is Important

boy in santa cap with broken wires

  • Only use safety-approved decorative light sets.
  • Do not go historical – NEVER use candles on a tree.
  • Inspect all electrical lights and extension cords. Replace units that have cracks in the insulation and exposed wires.
  • Don’t overload wall outlets with tangles of electrical cords.
Check Your Tree Often
  • The tree trunk should always be immersed in water. If it dries out it will get another sappy seal that should be removed so the tree can drink water.
  • Test freshness by bending needles. They shouldn’t break or be brown or brittle.
  • Twist the needles. Dry needles will detach easily.
  • If there are needles on the floor, it means the tree is too dry to display indoors & can be a fire hazard.

Signs of dryness are the signal to remove the tree promptly.

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