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easter bunny countdown
Since anticipation is half the fun, here are a few ideas that will make counting down the days as exciting as the Easter Bunny’s visit.

The “I Believe in the Easter Bunny” Easter Countdown Extravaganza

How Many More Days?
indoor easter tree

Sure they could circle dates on the calendar, but where’s the fun in that? Creating a ritual to mark off the days builds anticipation, is a great photo op for the family album, and bonds siblings in their excitement.

The Easter Tree: A Countdown That’s Also a Decoration

1. A couple of weeks before Easter – or when they start asking – buy or make one ornament to represent each day before Easter morning. (See our ideas for ornaments to trace, craft or buy below.)
2. Go for a walk and cut some pussy willow branches or other branches and collect a couple of rocks for your countdown tree.
3. If you wish you can spray paint the branches white*1 or a pastel pink*2. Put your rocks in the bottom of a vase or flower pot*3 to keep it from tipping over. If using a flowerpot, secure the branches with Modeling Clay*4 – if you’ve got kids, you’ve probably got some modeling clay around the house. Cover the clay with some Pastel Tissue Paper5 or Spanish Moss6.

Every morning the kids remove one decoration so they can count how many days are left. When the decorations are gone they know the Easter Bunny will come that night while they are sleeping!

(Would you rather just buy your Easter Egg Tree7 at They have 2 trees with ornaments for $16.95 – one for each kid!)

Wanna Keep It Really Simple? It’s Free and Easy with Printables.
Do it the easy way by printing these bunny shapes from Martha Stewart on pastel paper. Every day they can take a bunny off, color it and play with it!

(To make it even easier put the bunny shapes on their bedroom door or on the fridge instead of on a tree.)

Make It a Craft Project

easter tree stand for painted easter eggs8Easter Crafts for Younger Kids

With this cardboard Easter Egg Tree Stand8 ($3 at kids can have the fun of painting Easter eggs and then using the eggs as part of their Easter countdown, removing one egg every morning. When it’s empty they know that while they sleep the Easter Bunny is going to come – and maybe even fill it with CHOCOLATE eggs.

(See our tips on how to paint Easter Eggs the mess-free way.)
Easter Crafts for Older Kids

shrinky dinks easter tree10Shrinky Dinks Easter Tree

The Shrinky Dinks Easter Tree10 is so much fun for kids ages 7 -10.

I made Shrinky Dink suncatchers when I was little and had so much fun that I made them with my own kids. Here’s how they work: the kit includes a sheet of clear film with Easter ornament outlines and a set of colored pencils to color them in. When you’re finished coloring you cut the pieces out, pop the film into the oven and bake. It’s so much fun watching the film shrink, roll, and then finally come out of the oven as little plastic decorations. Ribbon and hanging hooks are also included so you can decorate your tree to begin your Easter countdown.

stuffed bunny printable craftMake stuffed bunnies & chicks to hang on your Easter Egg tree

Want to make it an Easter craft project? Make these cute little stuffed bunnies and chickens to hang on their tree by using Printable Fabric12 in your inkjet home printer.
FREE printable pattern for craft available from HP here. Instructions available from HP here.
Or . . . Pump Up the Excitement Factor!

easter tree
Do you decorate your yard for Easter? Your local department store or dollar store usually offers reasonably priced plastic ornaments that you can use.

Decorate a tree outside but keep enough decorations aside to decorate their indoor tree; one for each day of the countdown. Add to the fun by having the kids take the ornament off their countdown tree and put it outside to make the yard pretty for when the Easter Bunny comes.

If those colorful eggs in your yard doesn’t keep them – and your neighbors – egg-cited about Easter, what will?!
Personalized Easter Pillowcase

How Many More Sleeps?

If your son or daughter asks “how many sleeps” until the Easter Bunny comes, here’s a fun idea for them: a personalized Easter Pillow Case from Happy Kids.  

Price: 12.95
See all 5 designs* available for boys and girls.

My kids L-O-V-E-D their pillows. They carried them around the house with them: laying on them when they watched TV, propping up playthings to watch them do whatever it was they were doing that day, making tents and hiding spots more comfortable. (One of my eldest son’s favorite games when he was 4 or 5 was to be a dinosaur who “nested” in all the smallest spaces in our home. His nest always required his favorite pillow and blanket. He’d often pull a drawer out of his captain’s bed and be inside nesting – or napping.)

It’s true a good pillow just makes life a little better but another reason why they loved their pillow is because they had a collection of personalized and special pillowcases that made it even more precious. Star Wars was big with the boys for awhile – we had (and still have) a collection of pillowcases with different character’s faces. I think the best-loved of all was my daughter’s Owen Wilson pillow case that she had in high school. . .

They would have adored these personalized Easter pillow cases when they were little. My daughter would have loved the pretty-in-pink one for girls and my youngest would have definitely picked the joke one with the bright colors.
personalized easter pillow cases

Which pillow case* would your son or daughter like?

Why Does Santa Get All the Attention? Showin’ the Love for the Easter Bunny


The time where kids enjoy believing in the Easter Bunny is so short. Sure, they pretend to believe as they get older (just to ensure they get the goodies) but the time when their imaginations bring that sparkle of magic to Easter holidays is just too short. Enjoy that mystery, that hope in all that might be with your child while its so fresh and alive.

I’m in a Story with the Easter Bunny

When our kids were little we spent Christmas holidays a couple of times in Frankenmuth, “Michigan’s Little Bavaria”, also home of Bronner’s, the World’s Largest Christmas Store where your municipality or mall probably bought their Christmas decorations.

At Bronner’s we bought a Christmas story (on cassette in those days!) for each of our kids that was personalized with their names. I can’t tell you how much they loved them. We lived 30 minutes away from the nearest city so commuting time was tape time – we didn’t have in-car video players back then. They loved these stories so much that they didn’t mind hearing them over and over again not just with their own names being read but also their siblings’ stories too! In their childhood home we had an intercom system that permitted us to play stories or music on tape into selected rooms of the house. I would read them each a story in bed and then select one story to play via intercom to help them relax in bed and then play harp music or soft lullabies until they were asleep. At Christmas they wanted to hear these personalized stories, even when they had to take turns listening to each other’s story and only hear their own every third night.

Happy Kids has a personalized Easter Story on CD called In Search of the Easter Bunny*

Price: 12.95

“Step into an incredible Easter adventure. Your child helps a little rabbit find the Easter Bunny and in the process discovers what a truly special person he or she is! Discover the magic of Easter in this collection of four unforgettable songs and an exciting story. Your child’s name is sung over 28 times.”

It sounds like something my kids would have adored.

A Letter from the Easter Bunny

14It is considered automatic to write a letter to Santa, but have you ever considered corresponding with the Easter Bunny?
When your little ones draw their pictures and write their letter, discuss what Easter means to your family.  If the budget is smaller than in years past, now is good time to discuss how there will be fewer goodies this year so their expectations are realistic.
Kids are so impressed by receiving mail, and getting a letter from the Easter Bunny is that much more exciting. Happy Kids has a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny* customized with your child’s name, hometown and state, and even the names of two friends.

Price: $4.95

If you’re feeling creative, its entirely possible to write your own letter from the Easter Bunny and deliver it.

The Night Before His Arrival

Feed Him!

nibbles for the Easter Bunny plateThis Personalized Nibbles for the Easter Bunny Plate* is a fun way to do one last thing to prepare for the Easter Bunny’s arrival: set out goodies for him just like you do for Santa. (Of course you can use any old plate in the cupboard – he won’t mind.)

You can keep it easy by putting fresh carrots & celery sticks for the rabbit or you can go for the gold and bake carrot cookies or cupcakes together as a family activity.

Wanna make it even MORE fun? Turning baking day into a family activity for the memory books: tape an Easter cooking show while you’re baking. Here’s our tips on how to do it.

Recipe Ideas:


Carrot Shaped Carrot Cake

easter basket cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes


It’s The Easter Bunny – at My House!

easter bunny mascot
Wouldn’t it be exciting to have the Easter Bunny actually show up at your party?

Finding someone to wear an Easter Bunny costume isn’t as difficult as you may think.
A teenaged family member may think it’s fun to act the part, or you may be able to find a student from the local high school drama class who would be willing to act as the Easter Bunny. My son dressed as a mascot several times for our local library in return for a letter of reference when he applied to teacher’s college.

Our tips from experience:

  • Many of the parts are made with latex now, so be sure that your actor doesn’t have a latex allergy
  • The actor gets VERY hot inside the costume, especially when outside on warm days. My son almost passed out a couple of times when performing indoors in a mascot costume. A Kold-Vest*16 has reusable inserts that you freeze to wear to keep you cool for up to 2 hours. ($149.99 at
  • Also available is the Kold Kollar*17 with refreezable inserts for your neck. ($34.99 at
  • The kids get very excited and want to hug the mascot, who usually is unable to see them through the mesh eyes when they are close and down low. The mascot needs one person assigned to assist them, and at least one other person to watch the children’s interaction with him to keep everyone safe and happy.

Here are some Easter Bunny costumes available from with prices so reasonable that it makes sense to buy instead of rent.

Easter Bunny Costume18

Easter Bunny Costume*19

Price: $69.99

Costume includes a bodysuit, vest, neck tie, gloves, boot covers and a hood.

Parade Easter Bunny Costume20

Parade Bunny Costume*21

Price: $79.99

Costume includes oversized hat with attached ears and see-through eye mesh (in center of flower), plush poncho with attached face bunny face & bow tie, tunic with attached plush paw flaps and pants with attached plush paw flaps. Gloves and basket not included – see these Giant Cartoon Hands*22 for $9.99.

Professional Easter Bunny Costume23

Professional Easter Bunny Costume*24

Price: $94.99

Costume includes jumpsuit, overhead mask, character hood, gloves, bow tie and vest.

Cute Easter Bunny Costume25

Cute Easter Bunny Costume*26

Price: $129.99

Costume includes Jumpsuit with attached mitts, the head and the feet.

Bunny Mascot Costume27

Bunny Mascot Costume28

Price: $199.99

Costume includes Headpiece, Jumpsuit, Mitts and Foot Covers.

White Rabbit Costume29

White Rabbit Costume30

Price: $199.99

Costume includes rabbit body, feet, mitts, vest, jacket, watch and hat. Glasses and rabbit nose with whiskers not included.

Eggert the Easter Bunny Costume31

Eggert the Easter Bunny Costume32

Price: $299.99

These are high quality costumes made by a former toy manufacturer. Life-like, soft and comfortable to wear. Costume includes mascot body with zipper in the back, shoe covers, mascot head and hand covers. Fit a person up to 6’2″ and 200 pounds. Carrot is not included.

Want to make it unique? Most color and style change requests are honored, often at no additional charge to you.

Brown Rabbit Costume33

Brown Rabbit Costume34

Price: $329.99

Costume includes mascot head, body, hand covers and foot covers.

Premium Rabbit Costume35

Premium Rabbit Costume36

Price: $399.99

Costume includes oversized character mascot head with terrific facial details & mesh eyes, plush body with attached tail and zipper in back, mitts, spats and parade big feet. Mascot heads are made of foam, lined in latex and covered with faux fur. Carrot sold separately. Vision for this mascot is through the eyes.

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