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free cupid poop printable and poem

Here’s an easy-breezy way to put more fun in your day: send someone a Valentines Day gag gift of Cupid poop!

Kids love it because it’s so gross sounding, moms love it because it is soooo easy to do – and we’ve made it even easier with a free Cupid Poop printable to be used as a party favor bag topper or a buffet table menu card.

How on Earth Do You Make Cupid Poop?

Here’s the cupid poop recipe. Ready?

Just fill a large bowl for your party table, a resealable sandwich bag for a party favor, or a mason jar for a Valentine’s Day gag gift with your choice of Cinnamon Hearts, Valentine Candy Corn, gummi Hearts – or your favorite Valentines Day candy.

cupid poop candy selection

What Can I Use Cupid Poop For?

  • Give a jar of Cupid Poop to family, friends or co-workers as a gag gift.
  • Put a bag of Cupid Poop in your kid’s lunch as a joke.
  • Set out a bowl with a tent label for an after school surprise.
  • Hand out your cupid poop at the beginning of your kids’ Valentines Day party as an ice breaker that keeps the kids busy nibbling until all the guests arrive.
  • Put a bag at each place setting to keep them busy at the table until all the food is served
  • Hand them out at the end of the party to keep them busy while they’re waiting to be picked up by their parents.
  • Or put them in your take home thank you gift bag.

Yes, cupid poop keeps kids busy nibbling, laughing, ewwwwwing!

Cupid Poop Printable

Our set of free cupid poop printables includes a bag topper that can also be used as a menu tent card, and a gift tag with the heart-warming cupid poop poem.

I couldn’t send you flowers,
and candy wouldn’t do;
Romantic cards didn’t say
the things I wanted to,
So I got you something special
– here’s the inside scoop –
I found you something very rare
Genuine Cupid Poop

Attach the poem to a jar of candies or to the party favor bag by stapling the ribbon to the bag when attaching the topper to the sandwich bag.

Topper fits standard resealable sandwich bags – Valentine Sandwich BagsMake someone smile with a Valentines Day gag gift that's full of candy too with Cupid Poop. We show you how & even include a free printable. 1 shown in the photo are from Walmart.

Immediately download the PDF containing one party favor bag topper/menu label and one poem gift tag.

I know you’ll have fun finding ways to make people laugh with this gag gift for Valentine’s Day. Tell us all about it in the comments!

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