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easter egg hunt for dogs 2

I adore my darling Papillon dog Jack, so I know how dog moms love to make their fluffy babies a part of their celebrations. Here’s how to have fun with your dog this Easter.

An Easter Egg Hunt That Supports a Worthy Cause

national service dogs logoNational Service Dogs trains service dogs for Autism and PTSD. Every Good Friday they have an Easter Egg Hunt for dogs as a fund raiser for their organization in 8 Canadian cities: Brampton, Calgary, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Oakville, St. Catharines, and Windsor.

Cost is $25 per family and they encourage pledge forms as well. Visit their website for more information.

Don’t live near those cities? Here’s how to have an Easter Egg Hunt at home.

When you hide your eggs for kids you can’t get all that creative because if they can’t find them easily, kids get frustrated. Not so with dogs. They’ll find their eggs using their sense of smell so you can have loads of fun hiding your eggs. The harder it is for them to find the egg, the more excited they get.

how to have an easter egg hunt for dogs

I hope you and your fluffy baby have a fantastic Easter season!


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