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June 10: Black Cow Day

not a real cow on Black Cow Day

No, not this kind of Black Cow. . .

We love animals as much as the next guy, but we mean something that will remind us that the warm weather is finally here.

Something that’s sure to bring the little kid out in each of us.

Something very tasty.

Our favorite kind of Black Cow is a root beer float!

Sorry Bessie.

A mountain was the inspiration for the first Black Cow root beer float. Really.

One hot night in August of 1893, Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado was staring out the window, thinking about the soda water he made.

He looked at the snow capped Cow Mountain in the moonlight and thought of vanilla ice cream.

He raced to his bar and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to Myers Avenue Red Root Beer and enjoyed the very first Black Cow ice cream float.

black cow float being poured

The best way to celebrate Black Cow Day is to drink a black cow float!

See our easy recipe, and don’t forget to post a photo of your creation on social media with the hash tag #BlackCowDay.

black cow ice cream float for national black cow day

We have the oh-so-easy black cow recipe for you, with the explanation as to why the ice cream floats.

Want more? Here’s a mini root beer float shot.

Mini Root Beer Float Shots

And how about a spiked root beer float popsicle?

Spiked Root Beer Float Popsicles

And of course a root beer float cupcake to make it a party.

How to Make Tipsy Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Want more? See our milkshake and freakshakes!


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June 10: Black Cow Day
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