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easter bunny girlWe plan on recording baby’s firsts in the Baby’s Album we got at the Baby Shower – but then real life kicks in!
We soon discover that we have our hands a little too full to fill in the blanks or to play with the scrapbooking software on our laptop.
Have no fear; first Easter baby shirts are a fast and easy way to mark the milestone!
When my kids were little I took a photo of my babies in their cute Easter baby shirts and when the holiday was over I put the shirt with photos in a ziploc bag and stored it in a Rubbermaid tote with their favorite toys and things as they outgrew them.
Keepsake shirts are more fun than just looking at pictures.
When they were sick as kids, out came the Remember-Me-Box to tell them all about themselves. When my boys started dating, out came the keepsakes so their girlfriends could oooh and awww over how cute they were when they were little. Soon there will be spouses and grandkids to adore the shirts too but for now this mom gets to take them out, hold them up and remember just how small they once were.
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personalized Easter baby shirt with babys name

Customizable “Bunny Ears Baby Girl” Easter Shirts, Onesies & Gifts

This cute design features a baby in bunny ears standing beside a pink Easter Egg. It can be personalized with your daughter’s name, the year of her first Easter, Happy Easter – or whatever. It makes a darling addition to her Easter or spring wardrobe!
personalized easter baby onesie
Personalized “Bunny Ears Baby Boy” Easter Bodysuits, Shirts & Gifts

Here is a cute little baby boy in bunny ears, waving, while posing beside a duckie and an Easter egg. You can customize it with your son’s name, the year of his first Easter, your favorite saying, whatever you choose. Makes a great Easter present too – better than chocolate for baby!
my first easter baby shirt
My First Easter Baby Chick & Easter Eggs

My First Easter shirt, onesie or other items feature a cute little chick on a light blue radiant background with swirly Easter Eggs.
my first easter baby bunny shirts
My First Easter Baby Bunny with Grey Ears or My First Easter Baby Bunny with Brown Ears

Little baby in bunny ears and “Happy Easter” bib is featured on these items, offering you the choice of a bunny with grey ears and light skin tones, or with brown ears and darker skin tones.
babys first easter shirt
Baby’s First Easter Shirts, Bodysuits & Gifts

Cute baby in Easter bonnet, pushing bunny rabbit in a pram adorns this Baby’s First Easter shirt. Makes a very cute gift idea.

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