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Fun Things to Do with Friends Today

Looking for some ideas for fun things to do with friends today? We’d love the opportunity to inspire more play in your day! What kind of fun do you want to have? We have literally hundreds of ideas, so we put them into categories for you.


Spa Day at Home

spa day at home with friends

Invite your besties for a spa day at your place. Everyone brings their own robe and towels, and a favorite beauty product to share. You set the mood with a Himalayan salt lamp, candles, a diffuser with a calming scent & spa music on Spotify. Give each other facials, pedicures, manicures – the works.

  • hair mask
  • facial
  • under eye de-puffing, stress-relieving mask
  • body moisturizers
  • foot scrub, mask or moisturizers
  • hand mask

Everyone will feel like a freshly laundered million bucks.

Betterment Club

Vision Boards

vision board

Support your besties’ dreams by spending a day putting together your vision boards. You can create your vision board on your laptop or tablet with Canva, but if you’re together with friends it might be more fun to go old school and use magazines & catalogues for pictures if you can find some.

Lifestyle coach Laura Baron says, “A vision board is the physical representation of the vision for your life. It’s something tangible to keep you motivated.” Create it in a way that it motivates you with it’s art style.

A vision board doesn’t have to look like your niece’s kindergarten take-home artwork. Add quotes. Find photos with the same hues. (If you can draw – that’s even better!) Add borders, design features, titles. Make it such a piece of art that you frame it and put it on your wall as a constant reminder.

Want to know more? See the basics on what a vision board is, and how to make one for your own future in our article on Visualization.

Exercise Fun

Cycling Adventures

couple high fiving while cycling having fun in fall

Here’s a way to get exercise while you have an adventure. Where to you want to go today?

  • try new bike trails
  • have a progressive picnic – stop at one park for appetizers, another for an entrée, and yet another for dessert
  • Pokémon GO across the city
  • geocaching – you will need a phone, too
  • cycle in a National Park


Potluck Dinner

potluck dinner with friends

When you think of a potluck dinner (or fuddle), you picture everyone showing up at your door with a casserole dish under their arm. It can be that, but it can be whatever you want it to be. If you know a great dish one friend makes, ask them to bring that. Ask a guy that doesn’t cook to bring the dinner rolls. Delegate dessert to someone else – it can be purchased or homemade. It can be several great salads if that’s what everyone is into.

OR have a theme for dinner and ask everyone to bring one dish from that county, or from a favorite movie that you’re going to watch again like Harry Potter.

Bake Off or Cook Off

girl with cookie for bake off with friends

A fun thing that you can do today is have a bake off with your friends. Everyone brings the ingredients for their best recipe (or their family’s secret recipe) and you all have fun baking the same thing together at the same time. Then invite more friends over to judge – and eat because you don’t want to eat all those cookies yourself, right?

A fantastic way to have a cook off is to have a watch party (sports or movies) and ask everyone to bring their prize-winning food to the party and everyone can judge. See our ideas for a chili bar party for the big game as a cook off.


Adult Games that Don’t Require Equipment

adult games that don't require equipment

Here are some spur of the moment games that don’t require equipment (except maybe pens & paper or notepad on your phone.)

Board Games

board games like jenga

Have a board game night. If there’s one game that you all adore, of course that’s the game. But not everyone is good at the same kind of games, so maybe it’s best to try one from each type. Cards, strategy, mad libs silly, chance + skills like jenga, risk, or monopoly.

OR take your game playing to the next level! Are you all a Star Wars fan? Wear your favorite costumes and play the Star Wars version of Clue*, Monopoly*, Mad Libs*, UNO*, Catch Phrase* or Star Wars strategy board games or card games.

OR how about a Harry Potters’ game night: costumes, themed food, and Harry Potter board games*.

Between games you can watch the movies! It’s all day – or all weekend – fun. (Do you have themed PJs?)

Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas

taking photo of graffiti with phone for scavenger hunt

Here’s a scavenger hunt list from Scavify:

  1. Find the oldest building in the city and take a photo with it. 
  2. Check out a specific exhibit at the museum and share a clip of why it’s your favorite. 
  3. Find three different new types of cuisine to try. Create a collage and share a photo. 
  4. Find public transportation and take a photo with the driver (from a safe social distance of course)
  5. Find an outdoor café and take a selfie with some new friends you made. 
  6. Look for unique rocks or shells on a nearby beach. Don’t have a beach? Improvise.
  7. Take a photo with a local celebrity or famous landmark. 
  8. Take a photo of enjoying the best perk in the lounge at your hotel.
  9. Take a video of your hotel room or rental property like you’re a travel agent. 
  10. Find a silly local sign and take a photo with it. 

OR have fun exploring your city.

OR go on a naughty scavenger hunt with this book for couples.

Marathon of Fun

Movie Marathon

women friends laughing at tv movie marathon of fun

This isn’t put on a movie because there’s nothing else to do or because you can’t face going out in this weather. Not same ole thing. This is a movie marathon that takes all day or maybe even all weekend. This is a “pull the mattress off the bed and put it in the living room” kind of marathon.

Pick a theme. Need funny? Watch all of Ryan Reynold’s movies. Or, is it time to watch schmaltzy-cute Hallmark movies? All of the Star Wars movies in sequence? Or the Back to the Future trilogy. Binge watch a series on Netflix or Prime.

Once you’ve got a theme, you know what else comes to mind. Themed food. Themed decorations. (Please – at least fairy lights.) Watch all Italian movies with pasta.

Or, just keep it simple sweetheart because it’s been that kind of week. PJs & delivery. Your place, your choice.

Night out ideas.

Open Mic Night

open mic night out

Express your creativity and enjoy a night out with people who enjoy the same interests. Do you write poems? Find a poetry slam. Do you sing? Find an open mic night or karaoke night. Are you a budding comedian? Tell a few jokes at the open mic night of a comedy club. Play an instrument? There’s an open mic somewhere out there for you too!

Turn work into play.

Closet Cleaning Party

woman cleaning closet party

Why clean your closet alone when it can be a party with your besties? Invite one of two friends over to help clean out your closet and let them keep a couple goodies & feed them carry out or something scrumptious you whipped up earlier.

OR – have synchronized closet cleaning sessions & have your friends drop by that night for a New to You party. This is where you pile everyone’s “donate” clothing in the middle of a circle and trade clothes “game show style” or as a “chance auction”. It can be pretty raucous, depending on the group or how much wine is consumed! And everyone goes home with something ‘new’ to them. It’s saves money for new wardrobe items, recycles to save the earth, and a great way to show off how you accessorize is oh-so-much better. 😉

Want more? See our Summer Bucket List of 145 more things to do!

hello summer bucket list of things to do

This is a bucket list of things to do in the summer – fun ideas to add to this list!

Now it’s your turn!

What do you do for fun? Did we miss a great idea for our list?

What did you choose to do today? If you have a photo, add it to your comment – we wanna see!

couple jumping like cheerleaders at beach having fun

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