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writing paper and petalsHere is a fun mad libs style Valentines Day game that can be played by all ages – even adults enjoy it.  Kids must be old enough to write, unless you do it as a group activity with a large pad of paper or whiteboard.

As a writing game it is perfect for a cool down activity at your children’s party before a meal or to do while waiting for parents to pick the kids up.

  1. Pass a paper and pen to all players.
  2. Ask them to write the name of a female they all know: friend, celebrity, historical figure
  3. Everyone folds the paper back two folds so the writing isn’t visible.
  4. Pass your paper to the person on your right.
  5. Now everyone writes “went to” across the page and chooses a place: room, city, country, building.
  6. Fold back twice and pass to the right again.
  7. Everyone writes “so she could” and writes a verb or action phrase.
  8. Fold and pass.
  9. Next they write the name of a male they all know (friend, celebrity, historical figure) and add “showed up”.
  10. Fold and pass.
  11. Now everyone writes “he said” with a one sentence statement.
  12. Fold and pass.
  13. Next write “So she gave him a” and write an adjective – a describing word such as huge, purple, jumping, etc.
  14. Fold and pass.
  15. Now everyone writes a noun – a thing such as a dog, valentine, kiss, etc.
  16. Fold and pass.
  17. Lastly, everyone writes “so he” and adds a verb or a doing phrase such as kissed her, slapped her, went home, etc.

Now pass the papers to the right one more time and everyone opens them up. Take turns reading the love story one at a time – no peeking! It’s much funnier when everyone laughs together.

Now that everyone gets the idea of how the game works, it will get even funnier the next time around.

My kids love playing this game, even today when they’re all 20-somethings. (Although it can get a little raunchy when mom’s not playing with them, I’m sure.)

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