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gorgeous sweater party

Don’t have any sweaters that fit this year? Tired of last year’s wardrobe? Time to party! That’s right. Plan a clothing party that scores you a FREE winter wardrobe – Chinese auction style.

My daughter is a hair stylist, and at the salon where she works all the girls are about the same age and roughly the same size. Every once in awhile – around the change of seasons is best – they have a clothing party. It is much like a Chinese Auction but more fun.

They all gather at the designated house with a wine bottle or appetizers under their arm, dump their clothing/jewelry/purses/scarves/fashion accessories into a pile in the middle of the party floor, grab a drink and a snack and take a seat in a circle around the pile of goodies.

You can make the rules as fun as you want.

sweater party contestant

  • Each person takes a turn around the circle, beginning with the hostess to thank her.
  • They choose something interesting from the pile, hold it up for everyone to see.
  • They continue looking in this fashion until they find something they like – they keep that item and return to their seat.
  • The next person now has the choice of:
    1. “stealing” an item from someone who has chosen something
    2. take something from the pile they’ve seen someone hold up
    3. or dive in and look for something new in the pile
  • If they choose to search in the pile, they hold up each item for everyone to see until they choose something and sit down with it.
  • Everyone takes a turn until all items are chosen. (Hostess can take the leftovers to their favorite Thrift Store the next day.)

This can become very raucous, depending on the group – and how much wine is consumed!

Some groups do not do well with the “stealing” idea, so you may want to make it a “first come, first serve” kind of party so there’s no hard feelings.

gorgeous sweater party for kids

When my kids were little several of us had children that were roughly the same age/size. We had a similar party, only with kid’s clothes. Whatever my kids outgrew was perfect for someone else’s darling, and I took home some wonderful “new to you” things for my kiddies.

It’s win/win – with coffee, cupcakes and conversation. A productive night out for moms!

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