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hand painted holiday luminariesIt’s an Irish tradition to place lit candles in windows. Let this quaint holiday custom add warmth and joy to your home. Glass containers with hand-painted designs and flameless candles look welcoming in windows or on a table.

Depending on your own artistic ability, they can be as colorful and decorative as you want. Even the simplest design is festive.

Skill Level: No experience necessary
Crafting Time: 1 to 2 hours

Supplies and Tools

Black marker
White computer paper
Computer and printer
Provided templates
Square, Tall and rectangular glass containers
Enamel paint: red, green and white
Flat brush
Detail brush
Flameless or wax candles


Create templates using a black marker to draw snowflakes and other decorative holiday motifs on paper or use Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Hand Painted Holiday Luminaries to create the luminaries shown above. Cut the templates to fit inside the desired glass containers.

Tape templates securely to the inside of glass container with design facing out. This will act as a guide when painting.

Using enamel paint colors, paint over template designs on glass surface. Create snowflakes, trees, words, deer, etc. It may take several coats of paint to attain desired coverage. Let paint dry between coats.

When finished, let the painted design dry completely. Remove templates from the inside of containers. Fill the container with flameless or wax candles to display. Note: If using wax candles, do not leave burning candles unattended.

Instructions & templates courtesy Jo-An Fabric & Craft Stores via Family Features

Candles at Table Place Setting

The luminaries can be place on the mantle, windowsill, as a holiday decoration on a table – but small ones at each place setting is gorgeous and can be a gift for guests.

christmas luminaries at table place setting

Don’t want to paint your luminaries? Use craft decals!

Here’s how:

Want More?

paper bag with candle inside
Every holiday we go for a drive to see the Christmas lights. Up on the hill there are huge, gorgeous houses and almost all of them have their outdoor lights up so we usually go there. (My hubby calls it “mortgage row” – LOL)

There is one street where someone – maybe everyone – sets out paper bags with flameless candles in them every few feet along the street. It is so simple, yet so heartwarming. (I always tell my husband that I’d like to move to that street!)

Aren’t the luminaries gorgeous? They also make great hostess gifts when you visit family and friends this holiday season.

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