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christmas shopping listSanta makes a list and checks it twice so he doesn’t forget anything. Do you?

There are a few things that people forget during the holidays so you might want to double check your own to-do list, just to be sure that everyone’s holiday can be jolly.


Many forget to get batteries for the gifts they buy. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to use a gift right away because there are no batteries.

When you buy an electronic gift make sure you put the right size batteries in the cart before you check out.

Stock up on some of the more common sizes in case someone else forgets the batteries for your children’s gifts, too.

Accessories for Gifts

Don’t forget the accessories to your gift such as carrying cases, battery chargers, headphones or cleaning kits. If you’re not sure what kind of accessories your gift should have, you can always include a gift card so that the recipient can buy just what they need later on.

Hostess Gifts

The holidays are filled with parties and special occasions so keep a little stash of ready-to-go gifts such as gourmet cocoas or coffees, boxed chocolates or scented candles so you have something handy for even the most last-minute events.

Another great idea is to stop off at a local grocery store and buy flowers on your way to the party. Many are open 24 hours now and their flower prices are reasonable.

Receipts and Return Options

Sure you want to buy that perfect gift for everyone on your list but sometimes, despite your best efforts, a gift just doesn’t work out. Make it easy for the recipient to return it by asking for a gift receipt along with your regular receipt.

Whether you’re shopping online or at a store, find out what the site’s return policies are. Print up any documentation for the gift and make it available to the recipient should they need it.

Thank You Notes

Many people say they forget to write a note of thanks for a gift. Stock up on thank you cards early – then put a “Thank You Day” on the calendar between Christmas and New Year’s so that everyone can take care of this important task before too much time goes by.

Sometimes in the flurry of opening gifts we forget who gave us which present. Grab a pen and the gift tag off each present as it’s opened and write on the back of the tag what was received (and the recipient if you have several children.) You can keep all the tags ready to go on Thank You Day so you don’t forget who gave what and all presents have a corresponding thank you note.

Free Printable Thank You Cards for Kids

free printable thank you cards for kids

See our free printable thank you cards for kids with tips on how to get your kids to take the time to fill out the thank you cards.

Courtesy of Radio Shack

Taking care of these little things make the holidays go more smoothly which increases your enjoyment too.

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