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How to Make an Apple Duck Fruit Carving

Create an edible garnish for your dinner party. Carve an apple duck with this video tutorial and step by step instructions with photos.

Carving edible arrangements is very popular in Asia and it has started trending in America at weddings and dinner parties. This apple duck fruit carving can be created for a table centerpiece, to decorate the buffet table or set at each place setting.

The video and step by step instructions for the apple duck (or apple swan) are courtesy of the King of Random at Instructables.

This is so easy to do! Get an overview in this video:

How to Make an Edible Apple Swan!

Step 1: Cut your apple in half crosswise, on a diagonal.

Choose an apple in the color of your choice – one without marks or blemishes.

choose an apple for fruit carving of apple duck

Cut the apple in half crosswise so the stem is on one half and the bottom of the apple on the other half.

cut apple in half crosswise on diagonal

Save 2 apple seeds. You’ll need them later.

save two apple seeds

Step 2: Cutting the apple wedges.

Take the apple half with the bottom of the apple; place on cutting board with a butter knife on each side to use as a spacer to know how deep to cut.

put apple on cutting board with knives

Cut down one side of the apple core (leaving the dimple on the bottom.) Use the butter knives are a guide as to how deep to cut – don’t cut right off.

cut down on the apple to the butter knife

Using the knives as a guide again, slice along the apple to the first cut to create a wedge.

cut the first apple wedge

Repeat on the other side to make a second wedge, leaving a section with the dimple of the apple about 1/2″ wide evenly in the center.

cut the other side of the apple the same way

Set aside the apple part with the dimple at the end. This will be the duck’s body. Take the 2 wedges you just cut off to make into the wings.

Step 3: Create the wings.

The goal is to cut both of these wedges into 3 smaller wedges. When they are layered they look like feathers and wings.

Take one wedge and place it between the butter knives. Cut this into an “L” shaped wedge by leaving 1/4″ and cutting down to the butter knives.

cut down to make an L shaped wedge

Flip the wedge and cut along the knives so the bottom will be about 1/4″ thick. Set aside the L-shaped wedge.

cut wedges to be wings

Repeat with the smaller wedge to create another L-shaped piece, which will leave a tiny wedge.

last wedge

Now repeat this same process with the other wedge so you will have 3 layers from it as well.

When both wedges have been cut, layer the pieces to form a tear-drop shape, and place them on the apple “body”.  The effect should be two beautiful wings.  

apple duck wings

Step 4: Cut a groove in the body for duck neck.

To make a place for the head to sit, make a couple of precision cuts near the front of the body to create an opening 1/4″ wide.

cut groove for duck neck

Remove the piece to leave a clean, and fairly deep, groove.

groove for duck neck

Step 5: Make the head.

Place the stem half of the apple between the knives and use them as a guide to cut a slice.

cut along knives to make 3 slices for duck head

Cut 2 more times along the knives so that you have three apple slices.

3 slices from top half of apple

Choose the apple slice that looks like a heart shape. These make the best heads.

heart shaped apple piece

Now make 3 strategic cuts into the heart shaped apple slice to make the head. Use the curve at the stem for the curve of the duck’s head to the beak. Use the picture as a guide for making the cuts for the head.

cuts for duck head

Make a cut at the top beginning at the other side of the apple center, cutting at about a 45 degree angle. Then a 2nd cut horizontal, and to the right so there’s a wedge to form the curve of the head with a beak.  

The last cut is near the bottom of the apple slice, sloped at about 30 degrees down and to the left, leaving about 1/4″ piece for the neck part to insert in the hole in the body.  

head and neck completed

Step 6: The finishing touches.

Place an apple seed where the eye should be and using the flat side of the knife press it into the apple. Repeat on other side.

duck eyes from apple seeds

Slide neck into the groove you created in the body section.

duck head on body

To keep the apple slices from browning, spritz with lemon, lime, orange or pineapple juice. (Straight juice, no water.) Keep in mind that the kind of juice you use will flavor the apple pieces, if anyone chooses to eat it.

Refrigerate in an air tight container until needed.

Each duck can look different, depending on the color of the apple.

Now you can create a table centerpiece with one or more apple swans – or use them at each place setting for a wonderful edible decoration.

How to Make an Apple Duck Fruit Carving for Your Table

It’s your turn.

Did you find this tutorial easy to follow?

Did you make an apple duck? If so, add a photo in your comment – we want to see it!


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How to Make an Apple Duck Fruit Carving
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