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easter bunny

It is a magical time for a family when young children enjoy holiday rituals such as a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Easter gives us an opportunity to breathe life into our child’s imagination and build memories that will last a lifetime.

The Egg-citing “I Believe in the Easter Bunny” Celebration

Kids are already excited about the warmer weather and shedding their winter-marred snowsuits; to celebrate Easter now with the anticipation of the colorful decorations, special attention from family and friends over the holidays and of course goodies it is almost more than they can contain.
Here are a few suggestions to help build their anticipation of the big event, and enjoy the season little by little so its is more enjoyable.

How Many More Sleeps?


Personalized Easter PillowcasePersonalized Easter Pillowcase
Price: 12.95

If your son or daughter asks “how many sleeps” until the Easter Bunny comes, here’s a fun idea for them: a personalized Easter Pillow Case from Happy Kids.  Click to see all 5 designs available for boys and girls.

Easter Countdown

A couple of weeks before Easter – or when they start asking – decorate a few branches in a vase with enough ornaments for 1 per day before Easter morning. Every morning remove one decoration so they can count how many days are left. When the branches are bare, they know the Easter Bunny will come that night while they are sleeping!

  • 1Want to try something fun? Make these cute little stuffed bunnies by using printable fabric in your home printer. Print pattern on fabric here. Instructions available from HP here.
  • Your local department store or dollar store usually offers reasonably priced plastic ornaments that you can use. Do you decorate your yard for Easter? Add to the fun by having them take the ornament off the countdown tree and put it outside to make the yard pretty for when the Easter Bunny comes.

easter tree
Or, keep it simple by printing these bunny shapes from Martha Stewart on pastel paper and put one for each day on the fridge for them to remove. Then they can play with them!

It’s The Easter Bunny – at My House!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have the Easter Bunny actually show up at your party?
Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume2You can find Easter Bunny costumes at which includes faux fur jumpsuit with tail and bendable ears, mitts, vest, shoe covers and best of all a mask (which is lined with latex – for those with allergies – and fits close to the face).  With a mask on, dad, an uncle or grandpa can enjoy being the Easter Rabbit for the kids.
Better still, find a non-relative to act the part so your kids can interact with dad in their excitement.  When our son was a drama student in high school he volunteered to be a dragon mascot for a kid’s program in exchange for letter of recommendation which he used as part of his credentials to get into his university of choice.  If you put your thinking cap on, I’m sure you could find someone who would be wonderful in the part.

3Hide your easter eggs in the yard or around the house as usual, or use one of our Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

Sturdy personalized tote bags from Happy Kids to collect their easter eggs and goodies for only $4.95, Easter 2010.

What fun would a party be without a pinata and even more candy and goodies?  This 23″ carrot from Celebrate Express is perfect for the job: it has pull-strings rather than the crack-someones-head-open-when-you-hit-it-with-a-stick type (we’ve seen those home videos!), and a carrot seems to be a less traumatic choice than ripping open a rabbit pinata.  No kid is going to cry over the loss of a vegetable!45
6Interested in giving them a photo to remember the day?  Send home a scrapbook page with a photo of them as the Easter Bunny.  This printable craft is fast and easy to complete.


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