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June 1: Flip a Coin Day

Today is the day you don’t make any decisions. Flip a coin and do what it says the choice should be. You know you want to try it!

statue of julius caesar in rome italy

The idea of flipping a coin to make a decision is the brain child of Julius Caesar. Yes, that one. The famous General in ancient Roman times, and one of Cleopatra’s lovers. In 44 BC he declared himself ruler of the Roman Empire for life. But it was a rule that lasted less than a year before he was famously assassinated by Brutus.

When he faced a difficult decision, he flipped a coin for the answer. He always called “heads” because it was his head on the coin!

How do you celebrate flip a coin day?

Well. I flipped a coin and the universe decided that I’ll let you celebrate your own way. 🤣

For every decision you have to make today boil it down to 2 choices and flip a coin. It’s an experiment in free will versus guided by the universe. Evaluate how it feels at the end of the day.

Flip a coin and see if you want more. If so, here are our other June 1 daily celebrations.

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