You are currently viewing June 4: World Wildlife Fund Virtual 5K for Nature

June 4: World Wildlife Fund Virtual 5K for Nature

All of nature is endangered more than ever before. Show you care by participating in the World Wildlife Fund Virtual 5K for Nature run. Fundraising is optional, but of course you want to help.

“All of us who love and rely on nature have a responsibility to help protect it.”

Choose between their app-free 5K anywhere, anytime option and a live virtual 5K on June 4th at 10am EST. (Must be 18 or over.)


Their app-free option has no leaderboards, no timers, no pressure. Just get outside anytime during the first week of June, anywhere you’d like, with the activity of your choice:

  • Hike your favorite trail;
  • Walk in a nearby park;
  • Check out a park or trail you’ve never visited before;
  • Or simply jog around your neighborhood.

You can join in however you like, as long as you get outdoors and take a moment to appreciate the nature all around you. 


Do you love the feeling of competing outdoors with others? Then the live, virtual 5K is the option for you!

Join them virtually on Saturday, June 4th at 10am EST for a 5K streamed live through the Charge Running app. Put on your headphones, step outside, and you’ll be running with other nature lovers across the country.

Charge Running will update a race leaderboard in real time while you listen to live race announcements, a curated playlist, and special updates from WWF — you can even chat with other runners on the app.

Fundraising Prizes

Did you know that they have fundraising prizes? Starting at $100, you’ll receive a special t-shirt created for this year’s run. The more you raise for nature, the more gifts you’ll receive as a thank you for your commitment to conservation. See the other prizes available at the bottom of the page here.

Good luck on your run! And thank you for being a part of positive change.

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