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June 5: Hot Air Balloon Day

Of course we should take a ride in a hot air balloon on June 5th to celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day, but if you’re afraid of heights like I am there are other ways to celebrate and keep your two feet on the ground.

hot air balloon ride over amazing landscape

There are some places in the world where you just have to go for a hot air balloon ride to see the landscape from above.

There are times of day when you know it would be oh so romantic and beautiful to take a hot air balloon ride, like at sunset.

hot air balloon day

So, if you are able to do so, why not make June 5th the day that you cross “ride in a hot air balloon” off your bucket list. Celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day in the most amazing way.

If you can’t go ballooning, you can still celebrate hot air balloon day with a movie.

hot air balloon movie list aeronauts

Keep your two feet on the ground and watch a movie about hot air balloons! (Best choice for those of us who have a fear of heights. 👋)

See our hot air balloon movie list. There’s some for the kids, the whole family, a classic, a thriller, a fantasy, an interesting romance and one for the history/science buff. I think we have everyone covered!

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June 5: Hot Air Balloon DayJune 5: Hot Air Balloon DayJune 5: Hot Air Balloon Day
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