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June 5: National Gingerbread Day

Yes, you read that correctly. JUNE 5 is National Gingerbread Day. Why? Maybe someone thought it was sad that everyone was only making gingerbread men and houses at Christmas.

Gingerbread is so much more than Christmas cookies & buildings. My grandmother used to make a soft gingerbread cake in a square pan that she fed to everyone who came in the door. It was an amazing comfort food that we don’t see anymore.

Until June 5th! Now we can bring back the gingerbread cakes, cupcakes and other great treats. In the summer.

Did you know?

The humble gingerbread man possesses magical powers that work in the summer as well as at Christmas, the magical time.

The Gingerbread Man Love Potion

Back in the day, there was a belief that if you gave that special man a special gingerbread man and he ate it, it meant that he would be truly, madly in love with you.

Ohhhhh! A summer romance. 🥰

black and white photo of decorating a gingerbread man

The gingerbread man can make your dreams come true.

make a wish on a gingerbread man

Did you know that in Sweden they make wishes on gingerbread men?

Place a small gingerbread man flat in your palm. Make a wish, and close your hand to break it. If it breaks into 3 pieces, your wish will come true.

(I don’t think there’s a rule as to how many cookies you can try it on . . .)

On National Gingerbread Day you must eat gingerbread!

And since you’ve broken cookies for wishes and gave away cookies for kisses, it’s time to bake for yourself. (Because where are you going to find gingerbread in June? 😁)

Here are all our gingerbead recipes. Hope you find one you want to try.

Have a great National Gingerbead Day, and don’t forget to share your gingerbread creations (and kisses too – we want to know if it works!) on social media with the official hashtag #NationalGingerbreadDay.

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June 5: National Gingerbread DayJune 5: National Gingerbread DayJune 5: National Gingerbread Day
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