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June 6: National Churro Day

Ohhhhhh! Churros! June 6th is the day we join with foodies across the nation to enjoy this amazing snack delicacy. It’s National Churro Day! Get your family & friends together and buy a churro or make some at home. We have recipes.

life is sweet like churros

Churros are so delicious that there are many countries who have origin stories claiming this pastry, sister to the donut, as their own.

Of course, Mexicans claim the warm churro with thick dark hot chocolate dipping sauce as their culinary specialty with Churros con Chocolate.

The Spanish nomadic shepherds in the mountains fried them over their fires, and claim to have named them “churros” because they look like the horns of the Churra Sheep. In Spain they are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and can sometimes be knotted. They are enjoyed for breakfast dipped in champurrado (a chocolate beverage with corn flour), hot chocolate, dulce de leche (caramelized milk) or café con leche (strong coffee and scalded milk).

It is also considered a Portuguese cuisine but the legend is that Portuguese sailors discovered the Chinese Youtiao, which is fried dough also called Chinese crullers. These sailors then introduced churros to other cultures. In Portugal their is another similar snack called a porra which is a churro filled with jelly.

In Cuba the churro is filled with guava.

It seems every country has somehow made the churro their own signature dish. And now you can too!

Start with the basic Churro recipe & then make it reflect you, your taste & personality.

churros with avocado dipping sauce

We have an easy Churro recipe with the secret to making them as straight and perfect as the restaurants. Then we show you 6 ways to change it up to make your own signature churro. Whenever someone sees your signature churro they will automatically know that it’s yours.

We love to make our churros different flavors to reflect the season like filled with pumpkin spice in the fall or red velvet filled with cream cheese icing for Valentine’s Day. We also like to make them special shapes for our parties, like a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day or a heart for Valentine’s Day. We show you how.

Want more? Here’s a Churro game to play on National Churro Day.

Conagra Foodservice have created this oh-so-awesome Extreme Churro Board Game like Jenga. It uses 90 churros.

Every churro you successfully pull out you get to eat! Gotta luv it.

To see their recipe and assembly instructions, visit their website.

churro jenga by conagra foodservice

Want to watch a movie with a churro in it for National Churro Day?

ratatouille with a churro

Ratatouille is a Disney Pixar film for the whole family.


Churro history info from Happy Belly Fish and Wikipedia

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June 6: National Churro DayJune 6: National Churro DayJune 6: National Churro Day
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