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June 8: National Upsy Daisy Day

June 8th is National Upsy Daisy Day, the day for a pick-me-up, a day to use humor and gratitude to face life with a positive perspective.

Stephanie West Allen, JD, created National Upsy Daisy Day in 2003.

She specializes in bringing humor and motivation to organizations, especially law firms. For a few years she had a newletter, the Upsy Daisy Daily, with “a vitalizing message every morning”. Today we can still read some of her articles at

Her desire in creating the National Day was to make humor, laughter, and a positive attitude part of the Upsy Daisy way.

Stephanie West Allen

What does upsy daisy mean?

upsy daisy baby tells us that the first known printed record of any form of the term is in Clough Robinson’s The dialect of Leeds and its neighbourhood, 1862: “Upsa daesy! a common proclamation when a child, in play, is assisted in a spring-leap from the ground.”

Today, it is said when lifting a child who has stumbled to reassure them.

The Upsy Daisy Way is to see humor and feel gratitude in our day.

And – what about Whoopsy Daisy?

We’ll let explain, “It is usually said by the perpetrator of the error and the saying out loud is a public acknowledgement, somewhat like ‘mea culpa’.”

Notting Hill "Oopsy Daisy"

The LULU way of thinking is foundational to an Upsy Daisy perspective.

Stephanie West Allen recommends that we Loosen Up & Lighten Up – or, LULU for short.

In order to have a LULU perspective we need 2 things:

  1. a sense of humor
  2. to question assumptions

We need a sense of humor to loosen up the way we see things that happen in life.

In order to get jokes by most comedians, we have to loosen up the way we see things because the joke takes a twist at the end.

“Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before,” says comedian Steven Wright.

“A lot of people wonder how you know if you’re really in love,” says comedian Ronnie Shakes. “Just ask yourself one question: “Would I mind being destroyed financially by this person?”

“I recently went to my 30th class reunion from nursery school,” says comic Wendy Leibman. “I didn’t want to go because I’ve put on maybe 90 or 100 pounds since then.”

“I’m addicted to placebos,” says Jay Leno. “I’d give them up, but it wouldn’t make any difference.”

“When people ask me if I have any spare change,” says comedian Nick Arnette, “I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet.”

The skill we need to “get” the joke (and think it’s funny) is the same skill we need to laugh at the unexpected turns in life, get up and keep going.

Question your assumptions. A LULU mind is free to find alternatives.

Stephanie West Allen says, “Questioning assumptions gives us more options for behavior and thought because we examine the assumptions and see them for what they are.”

For years, couples may be operating on assumptions they have never checked out with each other.

“I hate spinach.”
“So do I.”
“Why have we eaten it all these years?”
“I thought you liked it.”
“I thought you liked it.”

This is funny because it’s true!

An exercise in gratitude.

today is the perfect day to be happy

Here’s an exercise that she recommends. Beginning today, National Upsy Daisy Day, and every day for the next week, before you go to sleep at night think of one incident during the day. It can be something simple like eating breakfast, or something meaningful. Write a “memoir” of the incident, like it is in your autobiography, but with this one special focus.

Think about the incident with OVERWHELMING gratitude. Smile. Feel a bounce in your step. Write it out like it’s an event in one of those old black & white movies where everything is a little overdone, over-emphasized. It doesn’t have to be a work of art – it’s an exercise in gratitude.

The next day choose a different event that happened that day and write about it with the same focus. And so on for 7 days.

How to you feel after the 7 days? Do you feel more gratitude in real life? Do you see the humor in things a little more? Do you have the LULU mindset?

If yes, welcome to the Upsy Daisy Way!

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