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Backwards Party Costumes

Boy going to backwards day at school

Boy going to backwards day at school

If you’re looking for kids backwards party ideas, you have to begin with wearing their clothes backwards!

Wear your shirt backwards, put your necklace or neck tie hanging down your back, put sunglasses on the back of your head – or take it up a notch and put hats on your feet or clip flip flops in your hair.

Pump Up the Fun with a Backwards Fashion Show!

Now that everyone is dressed up, add a box of props like feather boas, hats, glasses and jewelry and have a fashion show with all the kids walking backwards down the runway.

Don’t forget to take photos! (It’s fun to post the photos on Facebook or Instagram for family and friends to see, but make sure you have the parents’ permission first.)

Backwards Party Icebreaker Ideas

When left to their own devices, kids run around and get totally out of control before the party even starts – especially if they’re all dressed backwards and excited before they get there. It is important for you as hostess to greet the arrivals and speak with their parents so the icebreaker activity should be self-directed, or have someone volunteer to keep the kids organized for you.

Here are a few ideas – choose the one that fits the age group and interests of your guests.

Let the kids TP the party area!

TPing-the-party-room.pngWhat could be more backwards than TPing (toilet papering) the party room instead of pretty crepe paper garland? When each kid arrives give them a roll of bathroom tissue and let them go at it. It makes for an unforgettable experience – and usually ends up being the favorite party of the party. Go figure!

We removed all the chairs and ran a string across the room along each side of the table to give the kids something extra to catch the paper on and create a little cave under the table with all the falling strips. (Since it’s backwards day the kids eat under the table.)

Under the table we put large pillows for them to sit on and hung some red icicle lights to give a glowing, festive atmosphere under there.

Falling Bubbles


A bubble machine can entertain kids for as long as you need them to!

Place the machine up high so the bubbles fall down to make it look backwards to the usual fun of blowing bubbles up into the sky.

Want to pump up the fun? Set up a video camera and TV so the kids can watch themselves dressed backwards trying to catch bubbles.

Challenge them to use their TV image to try and catch bubbles behind their backs, which will look forwards if they are wearing their clothes backwards.

Make Backwards Cookies

Kids love decorating cookies – even the less artistic. Set up several bowls of different colored icing, a plate of cookies and some sprinkles. Give each kid a paper plate, a plastic knife and a napkin when they arrive. Tell them to make Backward Cookies, which are cookies with icing on the outside instead of in the middle. They can frost both sides of the cookie and add sprinkles to their liking.

Photo Booth

Since they’re all dressed backwards, a photo booth is a great idea for an icebreaker. Hang a sheet with colorful stripes or a cheerful solid as a backdrop and have them pose for a photo. Add a box of interesting props to encourage their creativity.

Get a voluteer who knows how to use a camera to take their picture for you while you greet guests. You can send the photo to them later in a thank you card, or get the kids to decorate picture frames and print the photo off now to send home as a party favor.

Have the Party Backwards & Start with the Favor Bags

Give them their goodie bags when they arrive. Nibbles are a great way to keep kids busy, and giving them party favor bags when they arrive is in keeping with the party theme.

Kids Backward Party Games

The kids are excited and ready to go! Start the party off with a bang by playing a couple games.

backwards-day-treasure-hunt.pngHave a Backwards Treasure Hunt:

  • write all the clues backwards (keep it simple by using the backwards writer at
  • give the kids access to a mirror so they can read easily read the clue
  • surprise them by leading back to the starting point to find the hidden treasure
  • make sure they walk backwards when going from clue to clue!

Play Simon Says but do the opposite of what the leader is saying, such as lift your left leg when they want you to lift your right leg. It’s difficult!

Play Opposite Hide and Seek (also known as sardines) where one person hides and as each person finds the leader they hide with them. The last person to find the group is the next leader who hides.

Play Replace the Flag which is the opposite to Capture the Flag. Divide group into two teams and divide your playing area into halves, one for each team. The best play area has places to hide with a large area to run – such as outdoors. Tie a colored ribbon on their arm to represent their team with a different color for each team. Their goal is to put the team’s flag (same color as their armband) on the flag pole hidden by the opposing team in their own territory within a time limit. Tagged people must go to jail in the opposing team’s area but can be rescued when teammates tag them.

Hold Backwards Races. Do all the usual party races, only perform them running backwards: egg and spoon race, crab race, sack race – a relay race is absolutely hilarious backwards.

Time for Kids to Get Creative

Time to slow things down before eating. Continue the Backwards Party fun with pen and pencil games.

Get the kids to write a story about a day in a backwards town:

  • which is the name of their town or city spelled backwards
  • the main character is their name spelled backwards
  • details everything they did yesterday but in backwards order or is about someone as silly as Backwards Bill

Backwards Bill is a fun poem by Shel Silverstein made even “funner” when read by him. (See the whole poem at Amazon.)


If your kids are older, discuss Palindromes. Explain that a palindrome is a word, phrase or verse that is the same when read forwards or backwards. Here are a few examples, but you can see a whole list here.
– kayak
– level
– mom
– noon
– racecar
– now I won
– nurses run
– my gym
– a santa at NASA

Then if you really want to blow their minds, here is a song by none other than Weird Al Yankovic using all Palindromes!

Backwards Day Decorations

Try one or all of these Backwards Day decorations to set the mood.

under the tableOf course you eat under the table on Backwards Day!

If you TP’d the party area as the icebreaker or a decoration, make the bathroom tissue hang down to the floor. If you didn’t, put a big table cloth, blanket or similar item on the table so it hangs down to create a little cave under the table.

We hung icicle lights and swags of red twinkle lights around the perimeter of the table to add to the party atmosphere. (We used painters tape to attach them on the underside of the table. Easy removal!)

We put pillows underneath for the kids to sit on, but you could also set placemats for each place setting, depending on the age of the kids at the party.
Backwards Balloons can litter the floor instead of hugging the ceiling – kids love this because they can crawl through them to get under the table and kick them around. Or, you can have upside down balloons by attaching the ribbons to the ceiling and letting air-filled balloons (as opposed to helium filled) hang down.

customized backwards day mylar balloon
In our shoppe we have customized Backwards Day balloons. These 18″ mylar balloons are a great for decorating the buffet table, the birthday boy or girl’s chair or at the entrance so everyone knows which house is hosting the party.

See all of our customizable Backwards Day invitations, party supplies & t-shirts.

Backwards Day Food Ideas

Surprise the kids with backwards food or eating the meal backwards with dessert first. Here are the recipes we used at our party. They were a big hit!

meatloaf cupcake
Here is a fun meal for Backwards Day – meatloaf cupcakes!

Just cook your usual meatloaf mixture in your muffin pan for 20 minutes. When it’s cooled top with Mashed Potatoes to look like icing and a dab of catsup or cherry tomato for a cherry on top.  

This is the perfect beginning to a backwards meal because it makes it look like you’re having dessert first.  Don’t say a word – just wait for their reaction when the figure it out for themselves!

(Here’s another little secret: my kids love, love, love meatloaf cupcakes all year round and I love them as a fast and easy meal.)


If you light the candles on this baby they’ll truly expect it to be cake!

This is oh-so-easy to make: just grill 2 hamburger patties, prepare either real or ready-to-use mashed potatoes, and cook some frozen mixed vegetables. Place first burger on a plate, top with veggies then place remaining burger over them. Now frost your layer “cake” with mashed potatoes.


Inside Out Sandwiches have the bread in the center! We used Tre Stelle cheddar cheese slices (real cheese as opposed to processed slices) on the outside to be firm enough to hold it all together – one on the top, one on the bottom.

Then we cut a slice of bologna in half and put each piece on a slice of cheese.

We cut the crust off a slice of bread to make it a rectangular shape and put it in the center of the two bologna/cheese pairings. We then sliced the sandwich diagonally to make munchable triangles.


To make the hot dog look inside out:

  1. Cut a frankfurter in half lengthwise.
  2. Then cut top sliced hot dog buns in half lengthwise.
  3. Spread both sides of a bun piece with Cheez Whiz.
  4. Place a half frankfurter on each side of the bun using the Cheez Whiz as the “glue” that holds it all together.



These cupcakes are so much fun for dessert and make the day extra memorable.

They are very easy to make but look like you’ve worked oh-so-hard. See our article with step by step instructions and ingredients list.

Upside Down Cupcake

upside down cupcake

Looking for something easy for dessert? The upside down cupcake is oh-so-easy and the kids LOVE them!

Take something ordinary, give it a twist and the kids love it.

Just take a regular cupcake, put it icing down on a plate, stick your cupcake topper and/or candles in the top and call it a backwards day cupcake.

(Those really tall, thin, twisty red candles look great but sadly I couldn’t find any.)

Backwards Party Invitations

Which of these invitations best suits your budget and energy & time resources?

Backwards Party Cards
backwards party fill in invitation
The Backwards Party printable package includes the classic fill-in invitation.
customizable backwards party invitations
If you’re looking for a customized Backwards Party invitation, we have one available in our shoppe. Personalize the front of the card with your name, and customize the date and party information inside. They are printed and mailed to you with envelopes.
Single card
Package of 10 cards
Package of 20 cards

See all of our customizable Backwards Party supplies.

Surprise Ball Invitations
surprise ball buttonFor that special occasion – or if you’re a party maven who loves over-the-moon parties – I like to suggest an invitation that’s a little more exciting than just a card. For a backwards party a surprise ball is perfect!

A surprise ball is a ball of crepe paper containing little prizes that the recipient receives as they unwind the ball. Since it’s backwards day, receiving the “party favors” at the beginning instead of the end makes so much sense!

As the invitee unwinds the crepe paper little gifts fall out of the ball until at the end they see the invitation to a party . . . the time and date . . . and then the host’s name.

See our Surprise Ball Tutorial for step by step instructions on how to make this invitation.

Backwards Party Printables

These backwards party printables add to the festivity of your wild & wacky backwards day!

backwards day printable package

Backwards Party Printables Package
  • Banner with letters to read: Happy Backwards Day or Happy Backwards Birthday or Happy Birthday
  • Cupcake Toppers: 2 designs – I Love Backwards Day, Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party
  • Cupcake wrapper: red with white polka dots
  • Welcome Sign
  • It’s Backwards Day Walkway Signs: 3 designs – Goodbye, Are you walking backwards?, What’s your name spelled backwards?
  • Popcorn Box: red with white polka dots
  • Bottle Labels: 2 designs – I Love Backwards Day, Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party
  • Party Favor Bag Topper: Wild & Wacky Backwards Day Party Prize
  • Fill-in Invitation
  • Party Hat: red with white polka dots

For more information and photos of items see our Backwards Party Printables.

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Customizable Backwards Party Supplies

personalized Backwards Day party supplies

We have personalized Backwards Party Day Invitations and party supplies in our shoppe: t-shirts for baby, toddler, kids, men & women, drinking glasses, serving trays, mylar balloon, tote bag, canvas party favor bag, customizable invitations, and much more.

Photo of boy going to school celebrating Backwards Day by AndreChinn
Photo of bubbles in sunshine by Steve Jurvetson

I hope this inspires some ideas for your Backwards Kids Party!

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