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Triple Pocket Napkin Fold

This napkin fold creates a separate pocket for the fork, knife or spoon – or you could use your imagination and use one pocket for a flower or other decoration. For instructions on the Green Bean or the Turkey napkin fold as well visit Smarty Had a Party Blog.

triple pocket napkin fold

Bread Basket

Great way to keep the buns warm. Creates a square that you can leave as is or put inside a square wicker basket. For written instructions see Smarty Had a Party.

bread basket napkin fold tutorial

Father’s Day Neck Tie

Oh so cute! Fold napkins to look like Dad’s neck tie. Shop for the napkin here.

fathers day neck tie napkin fold

The Rose

Awesome rose fold looks great inside glass or mug. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary dinner, romantic dinner or wedding. For more details on making this fold visit Smarty Had a Party.

rose napkin fold 1
rose napkin fold 2
rose napkin fold 3
rose napkin fold 4

The Heart

Cute heart napkin fold looks great on dinner plate for anniversary, Valentine’s Day or romantic dinner. For more details on making this fold see Smarty Had a Party.

heart napkin fold 1heart napkin fold 2
heart napkin fold 3
heart napkin fold 4
heart napkin fold 5

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