New to You Party: Scores a Fresh Spring Wardrobe

Gain weight over the winter? Tired of the same clothes? Time to party! Save money & the planet with a New To You party.

A New to You Party turns recycling into a party! Get your friends together and trade items game-show style, have a few laughs & go home with new-to-you spring wardrobe for FREE.

You get:

  • new clothes for free
  • a good time with good friends
  • and you save the planet by reusing

Sounds like a win to me.

girl trying on clothes at new to you party

My daughter is a hair stylist, and at the salon all the stylists are roughly the same size. To extend their clothing budget they have a New-To-You Party.

(For a clothing party, it is important to invite people who are basically the same size as you, or groups of people who are a similar size so they can trade clothes with each other.)

They show up at the hostess’ house, wine bottle under arm, and dump their clothing/jewelry/purses/scarves/fashion accessories in a pile on the floor. They grab a drink and a snack/cupcake/appetizer supplied by the hostess and take a seat in a circle of chairs around the pile.

Make it a game – and make trading clothes fairer – by doing it “Chance auction” style.

You can make the rules whatever you want to fit your guests. Feel free to change them as necessary as the night progresses. It always happens.

  • hostess goes first to thank her for all she’s done
  • contestant roots through the pile until she sees something interesting and holds it up for everyone to see
  • if she doesn’t like it she returns it to the pile, if she likes it she keeps it
  • when she finds what she wants she returns to her seat and the person sitting beside her has a turn
  • this person can “steal” the item from someone who has already chosen, take something she saw someone hold up, or dive in the pile to find something new
Can't decide what to choose.

If it takes too long for someone to choose an item, it takes the fun out of it.

  • Depending on the guests, you may have to set a time limit for choosing on your phone – the buzzer means take one and sit down.
  • Or you can set a limit to 3 things to check out. This means there’s still hope of finding a treasure as the pile decreases.

This continues around the circle with everyone stealing/searching/choosing until the pile has disappeared or no one wants the items left in the pile.

The hostess donates leftover items to a local Thrift Store the next day.

(Make sure everyone understands this before arriving.)

girl holding up new spring dress

If you have a group of competitive people, they may not do well with the “stealing” side of the game. You may want to make a “first come, first serve” rule instead so there’s no hard feelings the next day.

Have fun at your party, enjoy your new wardrobe – and the challenge of accessorizing so you look better in it than the previous owner. Most of all, be proud of saving money & the earth by reusing.

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