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Pancake Art Breakfast for Dad on Father’s Day

Surprise dad with special pancakes that show you how much he means. Pancake art breakfast that he’ll never forget. And so easy!

{Keep It Simple Sweetheart} stencil pancake art

dad stenciled pancakes

Make pancakes as usual, but use a stencil for the powdered sugar. Cut a heart shape out of paper, use stencil letters or even the kid’s letter magnets on the fridge to spell DAD.

{easy breezy} pancake shapes

Use a pancake pen, writer bottle or a squeeze bottle (like a mustard bottle) to draw the outline of the letters or shapes, and then fill them in.

Sift the pancake mix so you won’t get lumps. If you do get a lump, don’t squeeze harder – remove it with a toothpick.

Prevent the batter from oozing out like a volcano by:

  • mixing batter in a bowl and filling pancake pen with a funnel
  • only filling container 3/4 full
  • don’t let the batter sit too long in the squeeze bottle

For more tips on getting your pancake batter right and how to write, see our Ultimate Guide to Pancake Art.

I love dad fathers day pancake art
tie pancakes for fathers day breakfast

It’s tradition to give dad a tie on Father’s Day, but this year make it tie pancakes!

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