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How to Make A Pumpkin Beer Keg

Melissa Klein, editor at Celebrations, shows how easy it is to turn a pumpkin into a pumpkin keg.

It’s totally easy! If you can carve a pumpkin, you can make a pumpkin beer keg.


One large pumpkin
Marker or pencil
Carving kit or serrated knife
Spigot (tap)
Pumpkin beer

  1. Draw a ring around the top of your pumpkin as a guide to carve the lid. Keep it close to the top of the pumpkin to optimize the space for the beer.

  3. Now poke your knife in at an angle and carve along the line.

  5. Take the top off and clean out the pumpkin. Make sure you get all the seeds out so it doesn’t clog the spigot.

  7. Find the spot where you want your spigot. It should be just above the rind at the bottom of the pumpkin. Using your pencil or marker trace around the edge of the spigot on the spot. It’s important to keep on the line and not make the hole too big.

  9. If the pumpkin’s inner wall is too thick, scoop it out to fit the spigot properly. Twist in the faucet half of your spigot.

  11. Fasten the rubber washer and other half of the spigot inside the pumpkin. Make sure it is tight enough that there are no leaks.

  13. Once your spigot is secured fill with your pumpkin beer of choice.

Types of Pumpkin Beer

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10 pumpkin beer

How to Make a Pumpkin Cooler

pumpkin ice bucket or cooler

I’ve borrowed a fantastic idea from Martha Stewart – a pumpkin party cooler or beverage ice bucket.

It’s sooo easy to make!

  • large pumpkin
  • serrated knife
  • plastic or glass bowl that will fit inside pumpkin

  1. Cut off the top third of the pumpkin and scrape out the insides.
  2. Insert bowl into pumpkin opening
  3. Fill with ice and your bottled or canned beverages

pumpkin soup in pumpkin bowlSince the cooler is made by inserting a bowl into a pumpkin, you could also fill the bowl with punch.

If you use a glass bowl, you can fill the bowl with pumpkin soup.

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I love all the special touches that add to a party theme and when the pumpkin keg or pumpkin cooler is so easy to make, why not?

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