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tactical baconAre you concerned that there may be a zombie plague, an uprising against the government, or a shortage or bacon?

Do you get hungry late at night?

Seriously, do you really need a reason to crave bacon? We think not.

Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon is the very best canned bacon we’ve ever tasted. Not mushed up like dog food, this bacon is in actual strips – blessed with the magic of preservatives to last over 10 years in the can. Sure, you have to refrigerate after opening, but we bet you’ll eat it all too quick to worry about that. Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon – the zenith of canned bacon!

Tactical Bacon is fully cooked and preserved bacon in a can. This canned bacon has a 10 year shelf life, so its perfect for the bomb shelter, emergency food stash or camping gear in case you get lost in the bush. There are approximately 54 slices in a 9 oz can, and leftover slices need to be refrigerated after opening the can.

Tactical Bacon is available from Think Geek for $19.99.

tactical bacon poster

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