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Party Planning Pages

When you’re planning a party, here are some workpages for you to put in your planning binder. For instructions on how to plan a party and use the workpages, please see How Easily You Can Plan a Party.

Party Planning Guide & Checklist

First, see the Party Planning Guide.

Here’s how to plan a party that runs smoothly, thrills your guests and amazes even you as the hostess!

This party guide goes beyond the what-to-do-when reminder & helps you add wow to create a party they’ll never forget.

Left, is the free Party Planning Checklist that corresponds to the Guide. To download, just click button beneath the example.

Party Guest List

 See How to Create the Perfect Party Guest List with tips on how to bring a group of people together for the most party fun.

Right is a free printable party guest list for you to put in your planning binder. Just click the down load button under the example.

It is in PDF format. You can print it out and fill it in by hand, especially in the planning stage.

Then you can fill in the columns.

Open PDF in Microsoft Edge.

Click Add Text Button.

add text button

Click row that you want to fill in, and a text box will appear. Type.

(Or, open in Adobe Acrobat.)

Party Budget Planner

See How to Set a Party Budget with tips on how to set a budget that is personalized to you and your party, and how to stay on budget.

Left is a Party Budget Planner printable for your planning binder.

There is a page for each area of planning: venue, decorating, food, entertainment.

Click on download button at bottom of example.

Print off and fill in by hand, or type in information as instructed above.

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We wish you many happy days.