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Can’t see your elderly parents for Thanksgiving? Want to surprise your college kids? Or maybe the kids aren’t coming home for Thanksgiving this year and you want to keep it simple for you & your hubby.

Perhaps you want to nix Thanksgiving like Anderson Cooper’s mom did.

Not seeing your elderly parents this year? Kids not coming home for Thanksgiving & want to keep it simple? Have Thanksgiving Dinner delivered anywhere. 1You don’t need to rent a limo to deliver your turkey like Anderson’s mom did, UPS will deliver a Thanksgiving Dinner For Two, deep chilled cuisine that they just heat up in an oven in about an hour.

$119.99 from Gourmet Station

Meal includes:

  • all natural smoked turkey ready to heat & slice
  • butternut squash soup
  • artisan bread
  • southern style dressing & gravy
  • oven roasted veggies
  • traditional pumpkin pie for dessert

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