Turn Dinner Time into a Family Keepsake

Finding quality family time isn’t easy but here’s a family night idea that turns cooking dinner into a family keepsake and fun memories.

Food and fun are two great ways to connect as a family, and here’s how to have both at the same time: Put on a Cooking Show!
Kids have seen cooking shows before while flipping through the channels – or watching with mom – and love to pretend to be Rachael Ray, or shout “Bam!” like Emeril Lagasse. (Did you know he started doing that because the camera man kept falling asleep? It’s true!)

Here’s a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Choose a fun and simple recipe that you’ve cooked together before to demonstrate to the “home viewers.”
  • Set up a video camera (or cellphone) so that you can see the whole work area and put masking tape or other markers on the floor so the cooks know where to stand to be on camera and when they are off camera.
Turn dinner time into a family keepsake
  • Decide who will explain which step in the cooking procedure and who will demonstrate which part. Write it down so everyone can refer to it.
  • When you’ve finished cooking, watch your cooking show while eating it. Bon Appetit!
  • Don’t forget to post it on Facebook for grandma & the rest of your family and friends to see.

Of course the kids need a chef’s hat & apron.

Wearing a chef’s hat and apron help your little actors get into character and look great on the video.

They also make a great keepsake. When your children have outgrown their chef’s hat & aprons, store it with a copy of your “cooking show” for them to see when they grow up. (Or for their kids to see!)

turn dinner time into a family keepsake

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