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Do you have a group getting together for Valentine’s Day and you don’t know what to do with them beyond the buffet table? Here are printable adult Valentines Day games that will get them laughing.

Getting together for Valentine's Day and don't know what to do beyond the buffet table? These printable adult Valentines Day games will get them laughing. 1

Valentine Party Games Pack from Python Printable Games
Price: 19.95

These games are intended for all-adult groups.

These Valentines Day games are easy to use, you don’t need anything more than a printer and pencils. They are a great idea for when your crew drops by at the last minute!

Immediately after you make your purchase you receive your games by email, and print an unlimited number of copies – yours to keep and reuse forever. No hidden costs & no shipping charges.

Don’t want the whole pack? No problem.

The 20+ game pack includes some racy games – if you’re not inclined to play those you can buy the ones you want with prices ranging from $2.95 to $6.95 each.

Valentines Day Action Games

Love Song GameI Know That Song is a funny word puzzle game featuring the title of famous love songs. You can play it as a fill-in-the-blanks trivia quiz, or get everyone on their feet for an icebreaker.

This action game is easy to pull together. Print out the supplied tags and pin or tape them on your party guests like name tags – everybody mingles & tries to guess each other’s song title.

Full answer sheet included.

newlywed game printableNewlywed Game

Just like the famous Newlywed Game on TV, in this Newlywed Printable couples are asked questions about their relationship or significant other to see how well they really know each other.

find your other half printable valentines day gameFind Your Other Half is a great icebreaker game to get people to mingle – or to create pairs for teams.

Find Your Other Half is a simple concept. We’ve designed hearts with personal (but not TOO personal!) questions on them. Each heart is cut in half in a unique way, to make it easy to identify who has your other half.

Hand out half a heart to each guest as they arrive. Once everybody’s chatting, announce the beginning of the game. Everybody must look for the person with the other half of their heart, then ask each other the question the completed heart reveals. A great way to start a conversation.

Valentines Day Trivia Games & Puzzles

There are lots of fun trivia games so everyone can show off their expertise from song titles to historical people to their knowledge of champagne.

Hot to Trot Sex Trivia Game

Hot to Trot Sex Trivia is sex facts game is sure to get you laughing!
Here are some example questions:

  • Which way do most turkeys and giraffes “swing”?
  • What is a Buckle Bunny?
  • Which prime-time TV series was the first to show a couple in bed?

Full answer sheet included.

printable champagne trivia game

Champagne Trivia tests your knowledge of the bubbly with these questions about champagne. Great game for any holiday or special occasion.

Full answer sheet included.

love in any language triva game

How do you say “I Love You” in French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Dutch, Hindi, Flemish or more? This fun Love in Any Language match-up game will teach your guests the language of love.

Easy to play and suitable for small or large groups and full answer page provided.

ninja love quiz

Funniest trivia game ever.

Just because Ninjas have a ferocious reputation, doesn’t mean they can’t have tender feelings too… Ninja Love Quiz has fun facts about love with a Ninja twist. Hilarious!

Full answer sheet provided.

printable valentine trivia game

What happened on this day in history? People died, people invented things, composed chart-topping music and ruined their political careers! Show what you know with this Valentine Trivia Game

printable romance trivia game

Romance Trivia is a multiple choice game about the history of romance.
How long is the longest recorded kiss? How many more lovers do readers of romance novels take? What percentage of men still hold open doors for women?

Full answer sheet provided.

printable valentine game

Love Libs is a Mad Libs style game with a partial story. Ask players to enter the required types of words such as nouns, verbs, etc. Then read aloud everyone’s completed story. Everybody’s will be different and they’re all really funny.

A great do-together game choice for parties where there’s a mixed age group.

valentines day puzzles placematValentines Day Puzzles Placemat

This fun puzzle printable is a perfect placemat for your Valentine’s Day table. It includes a word search Valentine word puzzle, song lyrics Valentine crossword puzzle and maze game.

Why not give a special dessert to the person who completes theirs the quickest?

Full answer sheet included.

Valentines Day Gift Exchange Games

valentines day gift exchange gameCarolina Finds Mr Right is a fun Valentines party game is based on a TRUE story. Find out how Carolina surfed the Internet in search of love and snagged herself a witty Brit.

This is a gift exchange game based on the left-right story. You can ask guests to bring a gift or distribute your own around the circle and every time you say left or right they pass the gift in that direction as they hear Carolina’s story. When the story is over whatever gift they’re holding is the one they unwrap.

I hope these printable Valentines Day games make it easy for you to put more play in your adult party!

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