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michael scott in the officeWe all want to wake up to the smell of bacon sizzling on the grill, but we’re smarter than Michael Scott (portrayed by Steve Carell in The Office) who laid bacon strips on his Foreman Grill and set a timer to start the grill in the morning.

One day he had a “little accident” and step on the grill which closed on his foot.

We were smart enough to wait for this ingenious alarm clock was created by Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, Hsiao-huh Hsu with additional assistance from engineer Josh Myer.

It is the best thing since sliced bread. Even better than waking up to a buzzing alarm clock.

wake n bacon insideIt works on the same principal as the Easy Bake Oven we played with as kids. Before you go to bed at night you put some pre-cooked bacon (you know, the kind that you buy in the grocery store to reheat in the microwave) inside a teflon baking tray. Set the alarm, and a halogen light bulb inside the alarm clock heats the bacon, sending the aroma wafting thru the room, awakening you just as it did when mom made bacon every Saturday morning.

Where can you get one? Um . . . I’m not really sure.

They got shot down when they tried to get it in production on The Shark Tank – they renamed it “Rise and Swine” by then – and now their website is down too. It seems the sharks thought it was too dangerous to cook bacon beside your bed. (Okay, maybe we’re smart enough to wait a little longer.)

If you want a *safer* alternative, check out the Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app on itunes. (It’s free, but Oscar Mayer is no longer giving out the scent device. It was a one time promotion. Now the app just has the sizzle. It seems we’re still waiting.)


The wait is over! (Do you hear the Heaven’s Gates sound?) the Japanese Scentee Smartphone Scent GadgetWake up to the wafting aroma of bacon cooking? Doesn't that take you back to weekends when Mom made breakfast? See bacon alarm clocks with the SCENT of bacon. 1 – Available on Amazon for $35 – allows you to choose different scents with corresponding video, one of course being bacon. Click to see it at work.

Thanks to technology newer than the Foreman Grill and the Easy Bake Oven we can indeed wake up safely to the sound and smell of bacon cooking in the morning – of course you still live at home with your mom that’s still the best way.

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