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The World of Bacon

Welcome Bacon Lover! You’ll find everything you need to know about bacon (and more), bacon recipes (including the Bacon Explosion), and bacon gifts (that you’ll want for yourself.)

Bacon 101: the Bacon Basics
What is Bacon & Its Yummy Relatives

Did you know there are different types of bacon enjoyed around the world? Learn about bacon, how it is made and how it is sliced.
why does bacon smell so good button
Why Does Bacon Smell So Darn Good?

Here’s the scientific proof for the overwhelmingly good smell of bacon.
how many calories in bacon button
How Many Calories in Bacon?

Do you really want to know how many calories in bacon? If so, then click.
bacon press uses button
Bacon Press Uses

A bacon press makes your food look so good your guests will think you got it at a restaurant.
bacon press care button
Cast Iron Bacon Press Care

Cast Iron Bacon Press care discussing how to season a bacon press before use and how to clean a bacon press for years of use.

Cooking With Bacon
bacon salt button
Applewood Bacon Salt

Applewood Bacon Salt is sweet yet smoky and oh so delicious. Add it to your cooking, add it to anything! This one is vegetarian too.
jalapeno bacon salt button
Jalapeno Bacon Salt

Just imagine this Jalapeno Bacon Salt on your nachos, french fries, hamburger, or even your edamame. It adds a great kick to any dish while keeping things Bacon-y.
bacon rub button
Bacon Rub

Use this Bacon Rub to season and flavor your favorite dishes. It’s a dry rub with a deep Bacon-essence with a unique blend of gourmet herbs, spices & brown sugar.

Bacon Fun
bacon bra button
The Bacon Bra

I love being a part of fashion trends but I’m not too sure about the bacon bra, meat dress or bacon dress.
how to wrap your house in bacon button
How to Wrap Your House in Bacon

Step by step instructions on how to wrap your house in bacon. Don’t laugh. Ask your husband if its a good idea. He’ll get all excited. Then you can laugh.
wake up to the smell of bacon
Wake Up to the Smell of Bacon Every Morning

Wake up to the wafting aroma of bacon cooking? Doesn’t that take you back to weekends when Mom made breakfast? See bacon alarm clocks with the SCENT of bacon.

Bacon T shirts & Apparel
Awesomely Cool Bacon T shirts for Him & Her

Pop culture funny bacon t shirts for adult guys and gals who want to tell the world about their love of bacon.
keep calm and eat bacon shirts
18 Bacon T-shirts for the Hardcore Bacon Lover

Everyone loves bacon! Show the love with a fun Bacon T-shirt. 18 different designs – how do you choose just one?

Retro Bacon Shirts

Retro stylin’ bacon shirts for him, for her, for kids.

Bacon Gifts
Bacon Candy Canes

Bacon candy canes are the perfect stocking stuffer for guys. Or hang them on your tree. Your dog & your guy will love you forever.
Breakfast Lollipops

Serve these breakfast lollipops – including bacon lollipops – for breakfast and you’ll have a day your kids will remember forever.
tactical bacon in a can button
Tactical Bacon

Tactical Bacon is fully cooked and preserved bacon in a can with a 10 year shelf life so its perfect for the bomb shelter, emergency food stash or camping gear.
attack of the bacon robot comic book button
The Attack of the Bacon Robots Comic

Penny Arcade – the comic strip for gamers by gamers is now available. Get the first comic Attack of the Bacon Robots! with strips, sketches and creator commentary.
bacon soap
Bacon Soap

Get squeaky clean and extra fresh with Bacon Scented Soap! This fantastic creation comes in a collectible tin.
Bacon Adhesive Bandages

In the cartoons when someone got a black eye the best remedy was to put a steak on it. Now you can put bacon on your cuts with these fun Adhesive Bacon Bandages.
bacon gumballs button
Bacon Gumballs

Bacon Gumballs are loaded with bacon-y goodness, you can blow bacon scented bubbles & after you’ve eaten all the gum you can reuse the tin. What more can you ask?
bacon beans bacon jelly beans button
Bacon Jelly Beans

Inside each 6 inch bacon-shaped tin of Bacon Beans Jelly Beans is 60 bacon flavored jelly beans. Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for a bacon lover.
jim gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan Loves Bacon on Comedy DVD

Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! His jokes about bacon are so funny – because they’re true! Any bacon lover will relate. This Youtube video on bacon jokes is a must see
bacon and egg couple costumes button
Bacon & Egg Couples Costumes

Of course you want to dress up together as a couple for that costume party. These cute matching costumes let you go as bacon and egg. How cute and how easy to use.
bacon platter button
Bacon Platter

You want to serve your bacon on a bacon platter shaped like bacon – right? Novelty ceramic platter for fun or as a unique gift.
I love bacon calendar button
2015 I Love Bacon Calendar

Celebrate your love for bacon all year-round with the 2015 Bacon calendar featuring bacon recipes, trivia & facts. Great stocking stuffer for the bacon lover.
powered by bacon button
Powered by Bacon Shirt or Mug

Let the world know what’s driving you to succeed with a Powered by Bacon t shirt or mug. Get pumped up! Get motivated! Get some bacon!
the bacon button button
The Bacon Button

You’ll be daydreaming in your cubicle or talking on the phone when suddenly it hits you. I need bacon. Push the bacon button & your friends will send it your way.

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