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The World of Bacon

Welcome to the Annals of Bacon: the place where all your bacon questions are answered, where the best bacon recipes are shared, where you can find bacon novelties u0026amp; bacon gifts.
Bacon 101: the Bacon Basics
What is Bacon u0026amp; Its Yummy Relatives
Did you know there are different types of bacon enjoyed around the world? Learn about bacon, how it is made and how it is sliced.
Bacon Gifts

Bacon T shirts u0026amp; Apparel

Awesomely Cool Bacon T shirts for Him u0026amp; Her
Pop culture funny bacon t shirts for adult guys and gals who want to tell the world about their love of bacon.
keep calm and eat bacon shirts
18 Bacon T-shirts for the Hardcore Bacon Lover
Everyone loves bacon! Show the love with a fun Bacon T-shirt. 18 different designs – how do you choose just one?

Bacon Food

Bacon Candy Canes
Bacon candy canes are the perfect stocking stuffer for guys. Or hang them on your tree. Your dog u0026amp; your guy will love you forever.
Breakfast Lollipops
Serve these breakfast lollipops – including bacon lollipops – for breakfast and you’ll have a day your kids will remember forever.

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