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bacon wallet
Bacon Wallet
– $14.95 from

Think about it: bacon is kind of dollar shaped.

Bacon is awesome so the more bacon products that exist, the better the world is. So why not keep your boring currency in a Bacon Wallet?

The Bacon Wallet looks like bacon but it’s not. BUT, it really is a wallet. And what a wallet!

Two long pockets for your cash, six slots for credit cards, and three extra bonus pockets for whatever you want.

Or you could always be very meta about it and use your Bacon Wallet to hold bacon. At least you’ll always know where you meat is.

Two billfold pockets, 6 card pockets, and 3 bonus pockets. Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.75″.

My son thinks this is the most awesome wallet he’s ever seen! It sure gets attention. . . which is what you want when you pull out your wallet, right?

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